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June 17, 2007

alhamdulillah, segala puji bagi Allah

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akhirnya, selepas 5 thn, i have able to break my hooooooooooodoooooooooooooooooo! Lbh membanggakn, 6 org crimeGangMember dpt DL. Tahniah beb. Rumah ni melahirkn 2 DL. The rest managed to get 3. But i’m still among the lowest grade. A little bit sad. Idiot will remain idiot, change it to Todaiiiiiiiii!

Gambate na kudasai!


June 13, 2007

on the brink of xm result tonite

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tonite, i will know, the result frm my latest bid to break the curse on my result xm

study grup

special thanx to std grup, pian, fad, ZUL, faiz, su, princess lieya dan lain2 bcoz willing to lend ur hand. although we hav lot of disagreement, we unite on one word “XM”.lol

June 12, 2007

ijok’s small election.

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election’s candidates

pilihanraya ijok.dimenangi BN.There is shown, people will do anything to win the competition. MB selangor, mgumumkn RM36 juta diperuntukkan utk projek di ijok dijalankn utk memenangi hati pengundi. How fast that fund has been approved n wat the hell the the money was went to? mestila kepada kroni2 n org2 yg rapat. Set up a fake construction company, get a contract n jual projek ke sub player. That person becomes milionaire in the blink of eye. The company will fly-by-night.kita tidak tahu, mgkn hanya RM6 juta je yg smpi ke projek. harga yg perlu dibayar oleh pembayar cukai di malaysia utk satu election.a story from hundred.

Welcome to my blog, some knowledge to share-at least.

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anas, 23 years old, student of ftmsk uitm, welcome. Leaves your comment.

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