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July 8, 2007

Welcome to the new semester, fight-oooooooo-oh!!

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welcome to the new sem to all my fren, special to our lovely cs223:

zul:if im afraid, plz let me go to ur back n protect me

amin:thanx to all ur uncountable help. tahniah on DL.nmpknye strategi menjadi.

dawood:mystery no 1-tahniah DL

fazari:tatau what 2 say-gudluck

nasa:mysterious boy-power bdk ni

syed:my mind=ur mind

fad:thanx 4 ur big help, u made ur friends got DL, only god can repay u..

pian:fad ally…ur help to much.thanx





Basic tips on roasting-keep far enough ur heat distance

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like this,


if not, u wil get scolded with ur okaa-san (ur mama) or otou-san (papa) on the burn out fish, unless, one and the only, who will not care, ur niece..wakaka


safety measure

ur fan-ing device can be turned as lining to line/cover from the ‘bara’ heat.il guarantee u, no more black seasoning..lol

July 5, 2007

my fav jdorama male actor

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alongside horikita maki in kurosagi, yamashita tomohisa@yamapi (friend of mine very crazy bout dis guy..lol) is the most popular actor because HIS talent, attracting look n can dances n sings very2 well. currently i watching all his drama like kurosagi,nobuta wo produce, dragon zakura,proposal daisakusen n many2 more to come.

some fan (my fren again) likes to both yamashita tomohisa n horikita maki end up as a couple.i like this video very2 much la. jiwang2 gitu..lol

do u wana improve ur weakness in english like me?-try this

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try this link;


lot of quizzes and tests, together we  learn n improve our english

Horikita maki-chan..lovely japanese actress

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maki-chan 2

maki-chan 3

horikita maki, starting to fall in love with her acting talent in jdorama obviously with her cute face n dagu yg tajam..wakaka. Among her best jdorama:



Kurosaki (yamashita tomohisa) who his famili destroyed by swindler, be a swindler to swindle many types of people who running different swindling business. Tsurara, (horikita maki) a law student, accidentally involves with kurosaki and her  fell to handsome kurosaki.tp kurosaki x layan…cian. best oo cite ni

July 3, 2007

types of the toothbrush

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there is a 3 types of toothbrush on whatever brand:

  1. hard
  2. medium
  3. soft

if ur tooth is hard enough, use the hard one, if ur ‘gusi’ bloody when your brushing, please use the soft one.

July 2, 2007

wayang kulit, u can’t fool all malaysian

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with boring altantuya hearing case, the hidden words were,

  1. scorpene submarines
  2. +RM500 million
  3. **** ***** minister?

rumours? plz check it first to know


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back in the early days, the arrival of henry from the departured of anelka, citing the fittest player of wenger’s free flowing football, bagged 2 premierships, 3 fa cups, 1 unbeaten and the greatest record goalscorer of club’s history.

along these players, bergkamp,pires,vieira,ljungberg, formed among the deadliest style, action packed movie-like football.all say, the style is built around him, speed, strength, accuracy, precision, technique, mental tenacity made him a complete package player.

thanks for 10 goals on chelsea, 9 on man u n liver, goal of the season on spuds, classic display on middlbro, aston villa, and many more.

some rate it like the loss of micheal jordan on NBA and at the moment just two players of that type, ronaldinho.

comings n goings is a part of football, good luck on your days at barcalona.

arsenal club will find new hero..very-very soon

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