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September 30, 2007

Daily roundup

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what a good sunday, i missed my sahur again. I read a newspaper..all about nurin jazlin’s case.

yesterday was the latest EPL, arsenal won, chelsea drew,manure won & liverfool won.

today i want to do some school’s matters T_T


September 29, 2007

the mistakes

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today, once again I made mistake, mistakes that I did in the past. Why I keep it happens?

September 27, 2007

AI majlis berbuka (what in english)?

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we did at restoran seri sajian, galeri shah alam, with some of our buddies can not make it, we still achieved our objective and have a lot of fun. With some unpredictable event occurred on me..everybody is not perfect, just try to receive each other weaknesses. Sadly, I felt it will be the last event as a ‘CS223’ at the UiTM.

someone says “nk turun ke mn ek matahari tu?”



In the early arrival



Daily round up thursday sept 27 2007

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There is lot of stuffs happened to me..like pre-grad nite which is will be unforgotten memory..artificial intelligence aka AI day was awesome. I try to send some picture here..but i found that i have no time to make it.

Tomorrow is my mock proposal presentation, I want to try it in order to gain some confidence..maybe my lecturer and friends can correct me at places which are I am gone wrong.

Later pal.

September 17, 2007

happy fasting to all muslim & muslimah

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Ramadhan comes again. Let this holy month makes us better person. Though full with challenges and challenging. Muslims will be rewarded with two happiness, happiness when they break their fasting and another one i can not remember. Happy fasting :-p

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