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October 30, 2007

Boys, u need to dream a solehah’s wife (even if u r a devil)

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seorg alim mengatakn, keys of the life’s happiness are; 1-comfortable house, 2-good transport n 3-solehah wife, when those were accumulated, that man, was said has achieved his happiness in his life.

but, a popular quote says, “don’t u ever think about aishah, if u aren’t good as ali”. it is true n it was truth. The holy Quran says, a good man is for is a good lady, and a good lady is for a good man. that was unquestionably true. when it says, definitely it will happen.

therefore, evil boys(men),(including me)..definitely can dream a good, solehah’s wife ‘if’ n u should start to fix urself if u want the-girl-in-your-dream. But you are just-in-day-dream

if ur life were full with **** and suddenly u say, “ah, i want a sweet cute solehah gurl!”. It won’t happen. Allah knows everything. Allah will pair u wit a girl that suit to ur level. don’t waste ur time even thinking on the solehah’s girl.

Man should perform his solah at the place where an azan was sounded.


October 9, 2007

happy hari raya!

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happy hari raya to all

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