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November 29, 2007

an english lesson to share 1

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always, after word ‘to’ there is and only the root word for verb


to share

to hurt

to take

to try


November 23, 2007

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Conference*

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Some time in the past, i’m attending the conference as Oracle S CEO. It was delivered at Wellington Chief & Executive Training Centre, Sepang with collaboration of Digital & Analog Council (D&A council). I have many wonderful memories, uncountable useful knowledge & skills also other CEOs along the camp. Those below are some snapped scene during the camp (pics henpon cap ayam je bang..)





  Finally, CEOs Board Meeting with D&A Council was addressing. It is chaired by The Highness Cindy (she closes her face). Lot of argument were happened about the CEOs merging process.


 ENTR Group is having their Poco-poco dancing at CEOs’ Brilliant Night.


 Presidents have some meals


ENTR Group are delivering their proposal on how to merge CIMB bank with Bank Islam



Shameless ENTR CEO is delivering her singing when people in working hours.


Our CEO’s room villa look like





Download the rest of pics & vids at http://www.zshare.net/download/510070325fe7a3/

*it was disguised. Please use ur brain.








Happy graduation!

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Happy graduation! This quote that i want to shout to all my friends especially to cs May 02 perak and my fellow friends at FTMSK Shah Alam. I’m happy to look that all my fellows have passed with flying colors. After this, you can go where you want to, achieve what you able to. Catch that sky. You hardship that you were endured, was paid off. Also your unbelievable, unquestionable contribution & willingness to lend your hand to me, only Allah can pay it. If I’m the owner of the world, it was not enough to give to you. I want to go that day, but my machine goes to the workshop la. Nk kene overhaul lak. Sori ek. Congratulations to:

  1. nad
  2. is
  3. annafanta
  4. other i’hack 06 program bureau
  5. fifie
  6. fab
  7. amer rosyeid
  8. adha
  9. paan
  10. hasanah
  11. cik mah
  12. ijan
  13. dd
  14. kawan dd
  15. Others, who i left

Sorry for forgetting the remaining. I really can not remember them. Congratulations!

November 13, 2007

pictures tell us thousand words

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its front…i want do this



its back…my God, plz grant me to do this ERP



arsenal v manure(d).packed with both supporters. at hakim. the atmosphere is electric!



my graduation day before my degree’s graduation. the world is going to doom. girls are always outnumbered boys.



introducing…mohd danish al-zafri bin azren..paman is always missing u




learn to appreciate the time

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as it ticks, it left me behind.as precious as gold n spirit.i need to learn.i need to appreciate. i  need to thanks to Almighty Allah, for giving me chances, again n again n again…only for ur slave to make sin continously..

November 11, 2007

my career path

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It seems everybody has his/her own career path, including me.

I will finish my thesis next year. Then i will have java certification (damn i want this cert). If not i will take the MCSA. After that i will try to take the enterprise resource planning (ERP) course. I feel ERP is the right course for me.

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