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January 31, 2008

Poorness can lead to “kufur”

Filed under: surau — yoorin @ 1:51 pm

Money..some people says it bought happiness. Partly yes. Today everything needs money but money can not buy everything. How can it be? If A feels his salary (money) is not enough to cover his expenses..it could happen. If A’s faith was not strong enough..A starts to question n blame his God..why God gives such job wit such small salary wit such hardship etc etc by thinking his fate is poorest than other. All these can lead to kufur. He questions God.

But if he syukur n feels enough with God’s giving..God wil add n add n add..n he will get an unexpected way of rezeki.

Also if u kerani..dun la belanje mcm CEO plak (for example).


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