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February 29, 2008

Finished: densha otoko + Bollocks + Arsenal v Aston Villa

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Just finished from watching densha otoko..lol funny gile..nothing huge spoiler at the end of the story. Mcm biase, i felt like to cry..haha.. Wth..’Khayalan’ by VE and ‘happy woman’ (dr cite jepun cabin attendant) songs included in the drama. It was funny when yamada tries to throw his otakuness (awek jepun x suke ke pakwe yg minat anime?).

About the GE, try to do not believe what the mass media told. Make some research. Sometimes it was completely bollocks!


Today is a match day, arsenal v aston villa, is tough opponent. 3 points is a must to make up last week disappointments. Win it for eduardo.


February 28, 2008

LYN Complete Idiots Guide to Choose Cars Between MyVi, Viva & Saga

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Lately i keep arguing which car is better with my friend..then i saw people from Lowyat.net have some exprience, suggestion & bla bla..so i felt it was worth to read it. Hope it helps for sape2 yg tgh cr kete!

reach it HERE

February 27, 2008

Missions Impossible + Layaaannn

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I could category these 3 as missions impossible:

  1. To drill & plant a nuclear bomb into a comet & destroying it from hitting the earth.
  2. To challenge Bill Gates as world’s most wealthy individual.
  3. To meet my supervisor.

3rd is the hardest LOL. Tensen la..dugaan tul (T_T). Maybe she has only 12 hours in a day. Selalu bz bz la…


The best comic Pendekar Laut > Wira Tunggal. Layannnnnnn. Pinjam pon pinjamlh.

Thesis + Bank Rakyat + Chris Daughtry-Over You

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Bank rakyat is one which offering the islamic banking service. Reach it at  here.

Today I should complete the input-input thing.

February 26, 2008

Eduardo injuries was not serious as first thought

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Thanx god, it is confirmed that it is just “dislocated ankle & fibula fractured”, nothing “broke”, senang cite the type of diaby’s plus henrik larsonn’s kind of injuries. He expects to run on the pitch in 9 months time. Get well soon Eduardo.

Riba: we have choice now to do not & won’t choose

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Riba is horrific. Allah gives many disadvantages about it. The sin is horrendous. Until “manusia yang benar2 hendak lari dari riba pn stil terkena debu2 nya (google plz)”. We as “golongan yg tertindas” pn dpt dosa..what the hell?

We entered the stage to make loan etc etc etc…we have choice now to pick islamic banking system instead conventional banking (menindas interest orientation). Car loan, house loan, personal loan, education loan bla bla..we have bai-bithaman ajil, bai al-inah bla bla..

the different is the CONTRACT, the islamic way despite the price is same, slightly or much more expensive than conventional system

Past is past..ptptn also (heard to re-structure again in islamic way)

so..make your choice & Allah guarantees the peace in your mind. I think it is not about choice. It is our obligation.

February 25, 2008

Thesis..oh thesis oh thesis oh thesisisisisisisis..

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May is fast approaching..what the hell i’m not done yet with my input data..i feel my work is very slow la..the real test of my character. Hope i can counter it. Slow work with big heart will do.

February 24, 2008

Jdorama highlights: Densha otoko @ train man

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story about yamada, the super lembab, super noob, super xhensem, super gagap, super shaking, and working with super small company guy, tries to tackle and date Aoyama, who is super rich, super beautiful, n working with a multi national company lady.

The story starts when yamada tries to stop some old drunk guy that wants to tease aoyama in the train. Then aoyama sends a thanksgiving gift to yamada on his effort to save her. Yamada realises that he falls against aoyama.

Because his super weakeaned n super noobies, yamada tries to get support from one forum through the internet. And many forumers from all over Japan keep contributing ideas n supporting yamada on how to tackle that girl.

It is worth to watch it. Funny habis. Best…series best.

Casts are..yamada (xpnh tgk guy ni lakon mn2 cite) aoyama (itoh misaki@acts as cikgu in gokusen 2) small appearance from some guy in 4F (ke F4?) hana yori dango 1 & 2 & high jumper in hanazakario kimitachie e…also awek kurosagi (horikita maki-chaaan)

watch it here

February 23, 2008

arsenal’s eduardo leg breaks at 3rd minute…aku xtau nk ckp ape..rs nk muntah pn ade tgk..sedihhh..,uwaaa…god, plz save his carreer..his entire carreer..(T_T)

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i could not find any word to describe it..look to fabregas’ face..maybe he hears the break & crack bone’s sound…first time i see those pictures..i felt like to vormit..seriously. But what happened is happened..we can not change that..but i hope some punishment will be sentenced to the bone breaker….now eduardo will miss the rest of the season…EURO 2008..maybe his profession as a footballer is numbered…mgkn xleh nk main lagi..those things happened in football…wish u best recovery..ANYBODY WHO ATTACHED WITH ARSENAL FOOTBALL CLUB ON THIS PLANET ARE WITH HIM..sad…so saddddd saddddd!!!!!!

i hope all football fans ( no matter which side you are supporting) are wishing his recovers..and pls do not over celebrate to his injury..honestly i’m also happy when rivals have injuries..but this is too much..do not over celebrate..for rival fans.PEACE

Saturday morning

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hope can pull 8 points clear!

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