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February 14, 2008

Disadvantages of smoking

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There are lots of disadvantages from my point of view

1. Allah will hard smoker’s life by narrowing the keberkatan on the money spending..the money that used to buy cigarrette could do on something more beneficial like bla bla bla..i can summarize it..”Allah akan mudahkan hidup org tersebut”. Money is used wisely.

2. Allah pulls keberkatan from smoker’s family..how cud bapak yg merokok wants to forbid his anak from smoking? That anak will has anak someday..that anak will inherit that smoking..n cud be someday this famili will has anak that hisap lain pulak..famili will crash from the small “xde pape smoking je” action.

3.To rub salt in the wound..smoker in mid 30s will feel batuk2..lung cancer, liver cancer, sperm cancer etc etc..can die early lah sng cite.

4.Allah will deliver final blow in smoker’s dying moment..Allah gives the hardship in saying final kalimah syahadah (google please klu nk tau)..which will effect in smoker’s afterlife..hell or heaven

Smoking is massive..not the small stupid action..this type of people juz wan to show off lar..hisap rokok dpn awek ..looks macho.. macho kt dunia la..


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