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February 22, 2008

One great reason to do not vote 4 not efficient BN

Filed under: surau — yoorin @ 2:39 am

With general election is around the corner, voter would decide which party that they will vote. Sometimes our previous gomen has a way to make malaysia as “negara kebajikan yg mementingkn kebajikan rakyat”, our gomen didn’t do that. Malaysia blessed with oil n good economy, wealthy compared from any other countries, why malaysian keep need to bayar sn, byr sini..

Link for think-before-vote n showing how stupid & cruel was BN gomen

it is not when PAS wins all cine bisnes tarak untung la..xleh pki ketat2 xleh pki seksi2..

it is not when DAP wins all malay kene mkn babi..its about which gomen can govern us in better way..

vote with ur not brainless mind

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  1. hmm.. setau aku… last week… tajuknye lain..
    isi dlmnye.. ayat lain sket.. tp aku biarkan dulu..
    hr nih br nk komen.. tp ko dah edit.. good for ya..

    Comment by is-nanie — February 25, 2008 @ 7:59 am

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