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February 23, 2008

arsenal’s eduardo leg breaks at 3rd minute…aku xtau nk ckp ape..rs nk muntah pn ade tgk..sedihhh..,uwaaa…god, plz save his carreer..his entire carreer..(T_T)

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i could not find any word to describe it..look to fabregas’ face..maybe he hears the break & crack bone’s sound…first time i see those pictures..i felt like to vormit..seriously. But what happened is happened..we can not change that..but i hope some punishment will be sentenced to the bone breaker….now eduardo will miss the rest of the season…EURO 2008..maybe his profession as a footballer is numbered…mgkn xleh nk main lagi..those things happened in football…wish u best recovery..ANYBODY WHO ATTACHED WITH ARSENAL FOOTBALL CLUB ON THIS PLANET ARE WITH HIM..sad…so saddddd saddddd!!!!!!

i hope all football fans ( no matter which side you are supporting) are wishing his recovers..and pls do not over celebrate to his injury..honestly i’m also happy when rivals have injuries..but this is too much..do not over celebrate..for rival fans.PEACE


  1. ngeri aku tngk..

    Comment by rahsier — February 23, 2008 @ 11:54 pm

  2. […] fully recovered from terrible an horrible injuries and making me sick. Happy picture with his family and daughter. So beware of this fox in the box. […]

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