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February 24, 2008

Jdorama highlights: Densha otoko @ train man

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story about yamada, the super lembab, super noob, super xhensem, super gagap, super shaking, and working with super small company guy, tries to tackle and date Aoyama, who is super rich, super beautiful, n working with a multi national company lady.

The story starts when yamada tries to stop some old drunk guy that wants to tease aoyama in the train. Then aoyama sends a thanksgiving gift to yamada on his effort to save her. Yamada realises that he falls against aoyama.

Because his super weakeaned n super noobies, yamada tries to get support from one forum through the internet. And many forumers from all over Japan keep contributing ideas n supporting yamada on how to tackle that girl.

It is worth to watch it. Funny habis. Best…series best.

Casts are..yamada (xpnh tgk guy ni lakon mn2 cite) aoyama (itoh misaki@acts as cikgu in gokusen 2) small appearance from some guy in 4F (ke F4?) hana yori dango 1 & 2 & high jumper in hanazakario kimitachie e…also awek kurosagi (horikita maki-chaaan)

watch it here



  1. maki-chan dan shun ogari (F4 bukan F4) watak pembantu jek…

    apsal ek.. aku dah 2x bg komen… tp xkuar… ko tapis komen ke?
    kalo ade berulang… ko delete la salah satu..

    Comment by is-nanie — February 25, 2008 @ 8:26 am

  2. aah…oguri shun ckit gile time die muncul. Tapi maki lame gak sbb act as adik die

    Comment by yoorin — February 27, 2008 @ 4:42 am

  3. I like this film. hermes so perfect girl i think..

    Comment by yofan — July 9, 2008 @ 6:11 am

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