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February 26, 2008

Riba: we have choice now to do not & won’t choose

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Riba is horrific. Allah gives many disadvantages about it. The sin is horrendous. Until “manusia yang benar2 hendak lari dari riba pn stil terkena debu2 nya (google plz)”. We as “golongan yg tertindas” pn dpt dosa..what the hell?

We entered the stage to make loan etc etc etc…we have choice now to pick islamic banking system instead conventional banking (menindas interest orientation). Car loan, house loan, personal loan, education loan bla bla..we have bai-bithaman ajil, bai al-inah bla bla..

the different is the CONTRACT, the islamic way despite the price is same, slightly or much more expensive than conventional system

Past is past..ptptn also (heard to re-structure again in islamic way)

so..make your choice & Allah guarantees the peace in your mind. I think it is not about choice. It is our obligation.


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