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March 13, 2008

Video + politicians:walk your talk + Pity sharlinie + Champions League last 8 draw

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i bumped a video on the net

Watch it as a neutral. It was interesting. I warn u that it may cause sick n discomfort. Juz imagine what will happen if it happened to us.

For politicians who win in recent GE, didn’t care which side u came, BN ke, BA ke, parti cap ayam ke, cap kambing ke..plz walk your talk according to your manifesto. If not the rakyat will kick them out in the next GE. Heard somewhere at selangor that if opposition wins the PTPTN interest will be waived. Also heard rumours they will make it free. If it happened then i will be the happiest human in this galaxy.

About sharlinie’s case i have my own view. The worst scene scenario maybe she falls to the organs trafficking syndicate (i didn’t hope this happens at all). Human’s liver costs rm100k, corneas cost rm50k, heart costs rm100k n bla bla..at the black market. so all i guessed only. Luxury job. Hope she will back safely.

i forgot plak about UEFA Champions League’s draw today for quarter finals. We have 4 english sides which make it to the last 8. Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea & Liverpool. The possibility to be drawn among each other are as high as 43%. I preferred weaker team like schalke 04 or fenerbahce. Avoid barcelona. If can, reserved it to the final for revenge. But we are supposed to do not care which team we will face especially after performance against Milan. The results will out at late today. I have a feeling it is manchester united. Then arsenal fixtures are like hell. versus MU, versus liverpool, versus MU & versus MU?



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