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March 14, 2008

CL draws + arsenal v boro + Pak Lah to step down + a nenek to perform at AF6 + Formula 1 season starts

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Heck, the world is always against arsenal. Manchester united & chelsea got an easy draw. Arsenal v Liverpool, As Roma v Man Utd & Fenerbahce v Chelsea. It seems arsenal gets the toughest draw. Now arsenal has 3 straight matches against Liverpool in a week!

  • Arsenal v Liverpool (UEFA Champions League 1/4 final 1st leg 2nd April)
  • Arsenal v Liverpool (Premiership 5th April)
  • Liverpool v Arsenal (UEFA Champions League 1/4 final 2nd leg 8nd April)

Arsenal v boro at sunday morning. Shoot them down. It is a must.

I’m getting bored about the post GE things. But it looks interesting. Pak Lah to step down. It was not rumours. Mukhriz Mahathir is urging Pak Lah to step down by making it officials with an official letter.

I’am not AF fan. Reportedly a nenek to perform at AF6. Earlier was a tudung girl. So people can argue pki tudung bkn baik sgt pn. Rating’s up. Later a nenek pulak. Then argue here n there that nenek will win. The management was intelligent enough on how to increase the rating. I believe half of malay population will watch on how that nenek performs lol.

Late addition

I’m a big fan of F1. The season starts today (Melbourne, Australia). The McLaren Mercedez powered machine is my side. Noobies make upset to big boys. I would love that. But anyone who beats ferrari is OK.


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