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March 21, 2008

the power of zikr + my fav nasyid’s song +[UPDATED] Super duper grand slam Sunday!! + Sympathy + [Updated again] Funny football pics. Serious

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30 times of tasbih (subhanallah-maha suci Allah), 30 times of tahmid (alhamdulillah-segala puji bg Allah) n 34 times of takbir (allahuakbar-Allah maha besar) then allahuakbar kabira walhamdullilahikasira. wasubhanallahi bukratauwasila. lailahaillallahu wahdahulasharikalah.lahulmulkuwahuawalkulli syainqadir.walahaulawalkuwwata illa billa hil aliyilazim. at every after performing solah fardhu. Allah will forgive human’s sin (google 4 more info) as much as bubbles in the sea. How big sea? Duno. How much sea? Duno. How many bubbles? Duno. Millions? Billions? Trillions? Still duno. As much as bubbles certainly very2 much. We always saying that we r doin sins 24 hours in a day. But we can redeem it with this simpl zikr. As simple calculation, 5 times solat times with (assume Allah gives 1 million forgivenesses per zikr).5 juta keampunan per day..byk tu. Only Allah knows..

The lyric is meant for man who is dreaming for ‘ainul mardiah’, the chief of heaven’s bidadari. Men need to die as syuhada or syahid in order to meet this kind of bidadari. It’s old but it’s worthy. By UNIC. Everyday to hear 4me.


The semester is running out yet ‘dugaan2 n ujian2’ also increasing in the build up to end my thesis. Not to mention about Liverfool trilogy, but this weekend is the perfect time to release my tensen.

It starts with the Petronas Malaysian Formula 1 Grand Prix. Today is for qualifying session and tomorrow is a race day. McLaren has a perfect start last weekend. I’m hoping for lewis hamilton can beat ferrari which I’m getting fed up for their arrogance. Still tomorrow to wait, to look for starting grid. Apparently, it has some report that tomorrow will be poured by rain. So tomorrow has lots to offer, lots of safety car to deploy, lots of accident n maybe noobies can make it to the podium. Also hope for so called ‘Malaysian home team’ BMW Sauber team to eye for podium finish after impressive starts at melbourne.


Then, on Sunday, Manure v Liverfool & Chels v arsenal. After these match, maybe we could see which team to win the premiership. Hope Liverfool can dent Manure n Arsenal to win at Stamford Bridge. 20 years old fabregas to kick super player Lampard? I would love to see dat. Ronaldo……..what type of footballer he is? Makan tongkat ali lebih ka? I’m admiring him. Same as david beckham. Cume xsuke kt team die je lol. The key to stop ronaldo is by shooting him down with AK-16, breaking his leg, injecting with some aids virus or blowing him with C4. Then he will stop. Seriously.

I want to offer my deepest sympathy to one from my colleague, being a snatched victim. Lost her handbag, cellphone n money. What surprised me is this happened when she was riding on her motorcycle. She falls n dragged with her motorcycle for a few metres. She is badly hurt. Cilakak punya olang!! I’m very angry. Now some pressure is on. She is doing her thesis, at the same time to take all wound’s pain on her body. It’s hard. We completely understand her. Pity her. I’m praying for your best recovery. For that bad guy, Allah will hit u someday.

Updated again

I bumped this pic at lowyat.net. Take note that it will not offend any fan. Not intentious. enjoyzz




Arsenal’s fabregas. Like biological brothers.


Anderson of Manure


Predator + alien


Retired ref, collina


Same as gollum LOTR lol



Mark viduka of boro


sean ghazi of wat..lol



  1. sape kwn ko yg jd mAngsa snatcher tu??

    Comment by dee — March 22, 2008 @ 5:21 am

  2. junior. Budak ai.

    Comment by yoorin — March 22, 2008 @ 10:43 am

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