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April 28, 2008

The author sets to hand his thesis + sets to deploy at mamak as well + finally kerismuddin apologises + 2nd baby from perak May 2002 DCS batch

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well, today is submission day. a year of hell, cry, dedication n effort is wrapped today.

to release, to sigh, to lepak, to rilek, to lega, to relieve..perfect time by watching derby vs arsenal at 3:00 am tomorrow. The thesis author sets to be deployed at mamak..ekeke

this keris waving fella (codenamed as kerismuddin) apologises for waving the keris. After years of arrogant, rock@hard head by refusing to apologize after several community leaders were demanding on him..haiya kerismuddin..we need you to continue to wave that keris..so we can wipe u cleanly at the next GE.

wait, he is not school boy, he is MINISTER of EDUCATION n still chiefing his ministry…koh koh koh

Apparently, I received some happy news that lizard (real name is norafliza, not some kind of mammals or reptiles or fliza in dragonball) was giving birth a new baby..duno girl or boy. So congratulation..best ade baby ni. rase nk kawin skrg gak..haha. Didn’t know much about detail..so expect to know more information in couple of days. Congratulation again. Wish u recover soon and can proudly display ur baby in front of us..the new prince(ess) is born!!


April 25, 2008

The ‘grand saga concessionaire’ saga continues..+ perodua sets to unleash the new kembara + in memory….affiliated computer services + the last XM in UiTM + bilion thanks + 2 down, 2 to go

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heck, bloody crap, i read the star today that this SHIT grand saga company initial capital to build this highway is around RM287 million. Now the cumulative toll money collected is already exceeded RM300 mil!!! And the concessionaire time is lasting till 2027!!! (da balik modal + untung sudah lah) keep sucking money n blood from poor malaysians. No wonder some citizen says Malaysia is total SHIT country! Malaysia is controlled by SHIT cronies to enrich SHIT MONEY among themself!

the new kembara replacement is coming to town. Duno about specs. Gooogle lh

one day working experience with ACS before got kicking out. When we put our great dedication into something and we missed it…plus one day friendship buddies of 13 awek, amoi, apek, mamak pon ade….clearly it was very frustrating..frust menonggeng liao~~~~~~~~~~~~~~felt like want to cry out loud2 la..at least i got goodies bag..eke isk ekeke isk..xdok rezeki kt situ

hopefully, today is the last xm in the uitm. mixed feeling. no class anymore. sad, happy, biase2 je, pelik..rs mcm2 lh. Went early becoz duno how to goreng anymore. From wasting time in the xm hall, baik balik.

yesterday i watched LOVE on the eve of an xm tomorrow nye. bg hilang tensen ckit. an indon’s. based on malaysian’s CINTA movie. sebijik sebijan it copies.ok la..worth to watch it. billion thanks dude for treating me. i’m quite shocked when a scene shows that irwanshah touches the chest of sorg cewek ni for couple of secondssss..ekeke. rupe2nye cewek tu nk tunjuk..p la tgk sendiri if u want to know wat hapen.

then, hope not too late from wishing good luck to diri sendiri and all my friends who are taking their final xm.2 xms down, two to go. Report submission on monday and the final moment of truth on 12th May which is my seram, nervy day. Pray that Allah will bless me with good n perfect health, hope i do not get tomasrosicky-ied and robinvanpersie-ed conditions in the mean time. It’s time to rediscover my passion. Gud luck to diri sendiri again lol.ciaoo..till tomorrow

April 23, 2008

Did u qualify to read this?

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if u are the (1)Pakatan Rakyat suppoter, (2)Barisan Nasional supporter or (3)on the pagar supporter, u are qualified to read this n this

regardless whether u are (1), (2) or (3), u r robbed daily by the legal daylight robber by paying toll…wakaka

still has people will say, ‘nak selesa..mesti la kene bayar!’..bayar lh..ekeke for buncit-ing the legal daylight robber’s stomach n assss!!!

April 22, 2008

i got another super hit!

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when we ate our food into our stomach, if Allah decides that food is not belong to us, certainly it is not belongs to us.

maybe we will vomit it.

when we have some money in our pocket, if Allah decides that money is not belong to us, unquestionably it is not belongs to us.

maybe we will treat our best friend.

thing happens. A new dawn for me, but it is only n the last new dawn for me too. juz accept n redha.

April 20, 2008

A new dawn

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indeed, today, a new dawn for me, a new story in my life..fighting!!

April 18, 2008

rase nk nangis

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ya Allah, give me the strongest strength to overcome these.. 21-stat training..22-xm..26-xm..28-anta tesis..

meh karaoke

igt awek pakwe things..ropanya2 utk kite igt kt org tua..

download mp3 die kt SINI

April 17, 2008

Allah puts test on me….

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my pc got problem. After bla bla…ALL my files in my hard disk is GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is ALL…wrong problem at wrong time..i’m rushing in my thesis..unexpectedly this problem rises. Juz imagine how much data i can put in the 80 GIGABYTE hard disk!!! It puts a BIG dent on me. I lost:

  1. all my mp3 files..ost cite jepun, korea bla bla..
  2. my previous works@system, word file since year 2002
  3. anime aku pon ilang..death note, shinchan, bla bla…
  4. my super duper precious pics with diploma n degree frenssssssss
  5. video artis korea n jepun yg xmungkin jmpe kt youtube lg..
  6. freaking invaluable collection of arsenal clips..isk isk..

I regret it now…keep delay n delaying to burn it in the DVD…now i regret it. Juz redha n accepting it. Very sad liaoo~~~isk isk isk..

Moral of the story: Not only keep it safe and sounds..but backup it. Save n backup save n backup save..

April 15, 2008

stop 4 a while + bilions thanx to zulfiqar

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April 28th, my deadline. i won’t do anything in this space of time. Only eat thesis, drink thesis n sleep thesis..wakakaka

in ur noob age, at 20 u already conquered the heart of midfield pitch for almost 3/4 season..u will grow bigger next season

Aiyak RVP…mkn vitamin a little bit more la….asek masuk spital je

lol…noob like school boy

looking forward to work with this company…alhamdulillah, billion thanx to my family, my uitm, my FTMSK, my lecturers, my cikgus, my friend (futsal, volleyball, class, faculty’s activity buddy, mamak darul ehsan, mamak hakim, hosmet, group study) ftmsk staff, makcik jual makanan kt bwh, ftmsk.net, lowyat.net…….n 4 all by direct n indirectly who contributed 4 my growth. If i have two worlds, n i give it to u all to pay, it still not enough. Only Allah will and can pay for ur kindness.

I want to express my gratitude and biggest thanx  to zul who always  supporting  me. thanx a lot dude

April 13, 2008

Manure wins + PeopleSoft-ian & ACSer

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Indeed, not mathematically, but logically arsenal was out from title race. Manure 2-1 Arsenal. Lot to think 4 next season.

This week, i would officially be ORACLE PeopleSoft-ian & ACSer…still thinking like hell..to accept or not. I glad to join an ERP, or juz grab the chance in front of my eyes, juz grab the chance in front of ur eyes, juz grab the chance in front of ur eyes.. ppl always said like tat…or tunggu another chance? The chance to sneak into the MNC won’t come everytime..also my super duper sux cgpa. Still thinking n thinking..

April 12, 2008

Choosing pakwe/makwe is vital, crucial n massive

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this pic is circulating on the net n email box…one from many. i juz paste it here. Guess what this girl is doing? A is bla bla…B is bla bla..C is bla bla also…I chose C. It’s massive. If hubby-wifey relationship is OK. If not……that is why it is important to choose. Wrong day, kene projek la dlm kete or dlm wyg..ekeke kehkehkeh mcm dlm gmbr ni.

I’m not blaming the pakwe side (man is naturally devil) …but the girl side who is so superduperstupid100x naive. Then this girl kene dump…then meet n marry another innocent man…at the first nite this girl says ‘bang, gunakan saya tanpa was2’…so that innocent hubby pon tertipu…rupenye brg 2nd hand. Enough about laki cons pompan. How to protect innocent man from kene tipu dgn this type of girl aa?

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