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April 1, 2008

Liverpool Trilogy + Khairy Jamaluddin on Chelsea + Fitna video

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days to go

King of all comeback.That is said by BBC commentator. That wrapped last week Bolton V Arsenal. 2 goal down. 10 men left. 3 goals in 30 minute. The title chase still alive. I was jumping on my bed on the 3rd goal. Now come a new episode. Liverpool trilogy. 3 matches in a week space. Thursday morning, this weekend & next week at Wednesday morning. Nothing i hope, but only win.


oi KJ…u need to do some homework la before inviting chelsea to come to malaysia..chelsea consists two JEWs aka ISRAELIS..Avram Grant n tal ben haim..jews are barred from landing to this islamic country. KJ is powerful. even najib tun razak also said to consider on permitting these jews to come. remember a cricket team of israelis not long ago? Expect some quarters will make fool of malaysian gomen on this decision. Im not biased. Just left that duo. I’m happy when the rest of Chelseas come to here.

some more from LYN,

muslims obligue to mix everything with religion..footbal, politics..everything. Muslims who says don’t mix football with religion is not muslim. If not..so when to mix religion with life?time sembahyang mayat je nk mix?

some quarters will say OK to come

but expects at near future..will have anwar or PAS or PKR or whoever will rally a demonstration..or memo to Agong..to protest..expect blog2 will hentam our gomen..

so if our gomen dares enuf to do against rakyat…gomen can do an unpopular choice by allowing israeli duo to come..

what the diff between a team of cricket with footballing duo?

never someone says don’t mix racism with cricket?

if u r muslim, u will know how hurt our hearts..

On the ‘fitna’ video..it clears that the contents is totally opposed to the REAL ISLAM. The Madrid Bombing is not caused by muslim..everyone knows that. Also the twin towers of WTC is not..at the first place they accused some bla bla arabian dudes did it..but later it revealed it is not done by Muslim. It is totally malicious. What ever happened Allah will take care of QURAN untill the doomsday. Also muslims will win the war against them when the time is arrived. That Allah’s promise.

* caution: images will make some viewer sicks.

today, wa suda kene tipu sama itu LYN people..wa kena april fool


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  1. you would be the best person to counter this website


    Comment by Wantono — May 6, 2008 @ 7:49 pm

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