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April 3, 2008

My sexist quote: Ars 1-1 Liv + Rewang2 at kenduri kawin

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Sexy, that is what i want, not about sexy awek2 but sexy football. Football which played with pace, skill, short pasess, free flowing, orchestrated by stars bla bla bla.. If transformers the movie is the action movie, than football that i watched is the ‘horror movie’. This kind of football will make some failure on your liver due to it horror-ness. I enjoyed in every minute. The beauty of football. The sexy of football which UEFA Champions League offers. Last night is sexy. Arsenal draws Liverpool. Liv went back with an away goal. Slightly advantage. If they can score at emirates arsenal also can score at anfield. No worry.

Last weekend i got ‘chance’ to rewang2 at kenduri kawin some of my buddy. These are the pic from my cap ayam cellphone:


The lembu need ‘dikangkang’ (what in english?) to unskin the skin lol. Helplessly, I just able to hold my cellphone n my parang only because many perewang2 tua ini more superior & skillful than me. One from that old citizens is doing that lembu bontot thing. Hanya pakar je tau bt bende tu.


after the unbelievable tiredness from cutting, slashing, cracking, hanging bla bla that crap of lembu (that lembu is big..serious big) also i cut my finger from my parang (harapkan parang, parang potong jari) when cutting the meat..FINALLY the medicine has arrived. The hot sup lembu that will heal my wound n tiredness.


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