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April 25, 2008

The ‘grand saga concessionaire’ saga continues..+ perodua sets to unleash the new kembara + in memory….affiliated computer services + the last XM in UiTM + bilion thanks + 2 down, 2 to go

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heck, bloody crap, i read the star today that this SHIT grand saga company initial capital to build this highway is around RM287 million. Now the cumulative toll money collected is already exceeded RM300 mil!!! And the concessionaire time is lasting till 2027!!! (da balik modal + untung sudah lah) keep sucking money n blood from poor malaysians. No wonder some citizen says Malaysia is total SHIT country! Malaysia is controlled by SHIT cronies to enrich SHIT MONEY among themself!

the new kembara replacement is coming to town. Duno about specs. Gooogle lh

one day working experience with ACS before got kicking out. When we put our great dedication into something and we missed it…plus one day friendship buddies of 13 awek, amoi, apek, mamak pon ade….clearly it was very frustrating..frust menonggeng liao~~~~~~~~~~~~~~felt like want to cry out loud2 la..at least i got goodies bag..eke isk ekeke isk..xdok rezeki kt situ

hopefully, today is the last xm in the uitm. mixed feeling. no class anymore. sad, happy, biase2 je, pelik..rs mcm2 lh. Went early becoz duno how to goreng anymore. From wasting time in the xm hall, baik balik.

yesterday i watched LOVE on the eve of an xm tomorrow nye. bg hilang tensen ckit. an indon’s. based on malaysian’s CINTA movie. sebijik sebijan it copies.ok la..worth to watch it. billion thanks dude for treating me. i’m quite shocked when a scene shows that irwanshah touches the chest of sorg cewek ni for couple of secondssss..ekeke. rupe2nye cewek tu nk tunjuk..p la tgk sendiri if u want to know wat hapen.

then, hope not too late from wishing good luck to diri sendiri and all my friends who are taking their final xm.2 xms down, two to go. Report submission on monday and the final moment of truth on 12th May which is my seram, nervy day. Pray that Allah will bless me with good n perfect health, hope i do not get tomasrosicky-ied and robinvanpersie-ed conditions in the mean time. It’s time to rediscover my passion. Gud luck to diri sendiri again lol.ciaoo..till tomorrow


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