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May 30, 2008

mari berfikir (cite bodoh-aku xbersalah)

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pengakuan dari encik xnui255:

aku bernama encik xnui255.aku dulu study kt itm.ade satu mase tu mase dlm kelas ipk600, aku trpndg sorg kwn pmpuan aku yg agak seksi. wlpn bertudung tp memakai baju yg ketat sekali smpi nmpk bentuk ehem2 yang menggiurkan. dia telah menyebabkan aku stim. slps kelas, aku naik kete balik ke umah sewa aku.dlm perjalanan aku trnmpk seorg budak perempuan jln sorg2. sbb aku dh stim sgt tgk kwn aku kt kelas td, aku mmbuat keputusan utk menculik dan merogol budak tu.lalu aku kidnap die n masukkn ke dlm bonet kete aku. sbb umah sewa kosong mmber sume blik kg..jd line clear la nih.

on d way nk balik tu aku singgah pasaraya bintang nk beli timun, terung dan sbgainya utk mnmbh kehebatan ketika merogolnya nnt. nk rogol mmber aku td x boleh.so aku rogol la budak ni.sng kn..n dh balik aku merogolnya sepuas hati aku mengenangkn aku sudah stim sbb tgk kwn aku td. aku jd gabra gila babas bile aku sedar dh merogolnya. so aku amik keputusan nk bunuh je budak tu. tp sblm bunuh budak tu..aku telah berpakat dgn mmber aku utk menjual buah pinggang, jantung, kornea, paru2, kulit ape sajelh yg boleh dijual. aku mndpt rm200000 dlm urusniaga tu. bleh cover belanje aku kt itm. Bisnes beb. lps tu aku tanam mayat budak tu.

alamak..lepas tu aku kene tgkp sbb kantoi dgn polis…tp aku rase aku xbersalah. knp nk tgkp aku..tgkp la kwn pompuan yg buat aku stim tu. klu die xpki seksi2 xdelh aku stim. aku xbersalah…

aku xbersalah la…tgkp mmber aku yg seksi tu..so kesimpulan aku..masing2 dh bsr kn? so lu pikir2lh sindri…assalamualaikum!


May 26, 2008

Happy convocation!!

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today i got chance to see my buddies’ convocation. I should be convocated (this word needs citation) but for some reason occurs my day is delayed until november..ekeke. So i want to offer a big congratulation to u all on finishing ur degree with flying colors.furthermore, some of them already entered the industry n get good pay..can afford honda getz..hebat2. But still waiting the new metallic black myvi arrives..then i can tumpang n u can treat me mekdi..ekeke. Congratulations to:

  1. nani
  2. mista syaz
  3. dod
  4. fazari
  5. faiz
  6. epul
  7. ina
  8. fad
  9. zul
  10. et
  11. rest of open source exhibition
  12. tima
  13. rest of i-hack 07
  14. fahmi
  15. elis
  16. lan
  17. jes
  18. syahimi
  19. n for all either kamcing or not member who i cant remember

this some pics from my cap ayam cellphone

before eating for free

sharing the light moment…

my happy frens..

2 aweks flanking sylar (heroes drama series)

so what all of u could do for me after being a free cameraman for u all..if any lubang2 or chance in ur company juz calling2 me la..till next time.

May 25, 2008

crude oil hits USD138 + stepping at the holy land + farewell

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the crude oil hits USD138 recently per barrel…today 1 litre of petrol in malaysia is RM1.90++. I expect in early next year, it hits USD200 per barrel. So when that time arrived, so how much RM per litre?

RM2.70 per litre?

how about year 2010? going crazy for thinking that

crowd preparing to onboard

yesterday went to KLIA to give farewell for both my parents n some of my kampung folks for umrah. I will pray for them to have the clean bill of health for the sake of their ibadah. Hope they will OK in 2 weeks space of time.

speaking about onboard, i remember that we didn’t give some of our frens proper farewell. Maybe after thesis presenting ceremony all people mau tido puas2 n totally forget that our frens go on friday. everybody forgets about that. Nextime lah ye. Hope you all can collect all knowledge at infosys india n passing it to us. This world is too small la.  On la ym. U can see us there. till nex time

May 23, 2008

menteri kerja raya ialah babi (penyangak)

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RM630m gone to LDP concession holder PDF Print E-mail
Posted by Super Admin
Friday, 23 May 2008

At the Dewan Rakyat

The government has paid RM630.54 million in compensation to the Damansara-Puchong Highway (LDP) concessionaire up to last year.

Works Minister Datuk Mohd Zin Mohamed said the government had implemented the restructuring of the LDP toll rates and as a result, it had to pay compensation to the concessionaire.

“To avoid the burden of higher tolls for LDP users, the government studied and restructured the toll rates and approved lower tolls than that called for in the the concession agreement. For example, the rate for a Class One vehicle in 1999 was reduced to RM1 from the RM1.50 allowed for in the agreement and last year the government again restructured the rate to RM1.60 from RM2.10,” he said.Mohd Zin was replying to a question from Hee Loy Sian (PKR-Petaling Jaya Selatan) who wanted to know the subsidy paid by the government until now for the LDP and the New Pantai Expressway (NPE) to avoid the burden of higher tolls for highway users.

He said for the NPE, the government had not restructured the toll rates.

sources here


going back to when the toll agreement is constructed between menteri kerja raya & bos LDP. About toll rates, bos LDP knows in the future people will protest when rates will be increased. menteri kerja raya also .Let say RM2 toll for car, then people were protesting, decreased to RM1.50..the remaining RM0.50 will be paid by government by duit dari cukai rakyat. The LDP bos sudah kaya raya, the profit can built 3 more LDPs. Dia orang suda tau ini akan jadi di mana ada orang protest.

The loopholes (berat sebelah) agreement intends to profit that bos LDP . That menteri kerja raya is too stupid (or corrupt) by tarak reti buat agreement which is giving TOOOOOOOOOOO MUCHHHHHHHHHH, OUT OF NORMAL BRAIN THINKING percuma duit rakyat profit. If this menteri works for the sake of common people, dia lebih pandai dalam buat itu aggreement la.

i think that menteri thinks that all people who using LDP is UITM degree holder who has tears-hard-earned RM2K salary for every month n didn’t have trouble to pay the toll..school drop out, SPM, diploma holders are not using it.

There is possibilities the LDP bos suda bayar sikit sama itu menteri kasi bina itu LDP la. Biasa la. bayar belakang.

the conclusion was..

menteri kerja raya itu mcm BABI!

becoz he has possibility did corruption and didnt has PITY feeling against poor common people. He has chance to do a better agreement. So why he chooses did not do? Itu olang manyak babi. macam babi.

May 21, 2008

Perlawanan akhir liga juara2 eropah 2008 + omaigod..samir nasri is arriving!

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manchester united vs chelsea

tonite, hundreds of million of people will watch this match. We could say the closing match of the season. I will watch it..hope to see the interesting n breathtaking, eyecatching football like mu wins 5-4 or rooney n drogba do the hat trick for each. Don’t want 0-0 until extra time n ending with penalty shootout. The atmosphere should electric. CL is different with BPL.

Tradition for supporting the underdog team is continued.

samir nasri of marseille

very rare occasion that arsene follows the rumors. But yet to be confirmed. If yes, maybe tonite the news follows. The 1st  signing of the season.

May 19, 2008

freaking lazy to write

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  1. to attend first day of MCAD tomorrow. gudluck 4 myself again lol
  2. welcome to the world, my new niece, rafiq ar-rahman
  3. i went to kajang, saw the bandar mahkota cheras barricade issue place
  4. i felt ashamed with a former uitm student who lodged 2nd police report against selangor’s new gomen for not fulfilling  theirs  manifestos. Selangor gomen is giving RM1000 for families which income RM1500 instead giving RM1000 for all families which their son/daughter accepted to the IPT. Dude, give it chance la..baru 3 bln perintah.still 4 years for proving their manifestos. at least they give. Previous gomen? they give shit. That former uitm student was not representing my view me as uitm student also.
  5. tun M sudah igt. in inquiry time he cant remember things…ekeke
  6. he resigns from umno.interesting..ekeke

May 15, 2008

sad + around the thesis presentation (freaking relieved)

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bertahun kita bersama

bagai semalam baru bersua


di hadapan oh indahnya

kita bersama


yesterday is the last hopefully before entering the respective choosen path..for mastering the master juz go….straight to IT industries juz go..for wedding juz send kad jemputan to me..i juz want to say bilion thanks to people who i called FRIENDS..which gave me great n countless, tireless help in completing my study and helped me to be a proper human and make me more human lol. 3 years space is too short and full of laugh, cry and hardship we endured together. i wish for ur best of luck days…i always make u bengang n so u all..lupekan sudah..ekeke open a new book with sharing account again..kehkeh


view from my booth

my posters lol

my lovely frens (the most right is my fren, not azlee senario..lol)

Happy..after all we could say after work-like-hell-attitude implementing in recent months before. Freaking relieved. Thanx. till next time.

May 12, 2008

the author sets to deploy his thesis + all hails to manchester united

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indeed, crap, freaking nervous on coming wednesday..hanya tuhan yang tahu..wakaka..to present my thesis. because my thesis was so-so only..certainly it is not geneva-gold-medal-moon skyrocketing type of thesis. Still working like hell..to produce so-so the best result. bak kate donald trump..With little room for error…n the stake is higher. gudluck to diri sendiri lol. After this i will free liao…want to make money on my own~~insyaallah

MU deserves it……….after all, third place is separated by only 4 points. arsenal n chelsea also got credit too..

May 9, 2008

modern robinhood vs gov’s dog n pig + NS cyclone (National service)

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police n fru are gomen’s pig n dog (not all)

against rakyat-turns-to-robinhood for their right…these pig n dog are defending their boss which happily robbing people’s hard earned tears money for toll. maybe this robber will say..”sape suruh jd orang miskin..bodoh betul..smpi bile2 ko tu miskin..n bodoh wakaka. Money n power are everything, stupid folks!”

National service..16th trainee died and counting….apparently it is caused by the continuous negligence from the NS management. what the hell the benefit of this national service? Possibilities that trainee/family will get:

  1. dies (trainee)
  2. corpse (family receives their son/daughter corpse)
  3. raped
  4. drowned
  5. get unity feeling among races..ekeke

So the biggest beneficiary is who? the crony that got uniform contract, food contract, tools contract, training place contract….our adik pompan or anak pompan is only TOY for enriching their SHIT MONEY. wakaka..common people without power is stupid as usual…ekeke

May 6, 2008

Raja Petra Kamaruddin to be charged for sedition + myanmar cyclone + lalala~~~ proposal daisakusen sp~~~

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our beloved last GE hero, RPK or pete, soon to be charged for sedition, where is the freedom, AAB moron n NTR moron?

read here

AAB moron

NTR moron


mnyanmar was hit with super cyclone…the died victim is 22500 and still counting….so donation drive is called on..donate at nearest donation special setup centre

for myanmar, it’s time to rethink for 100 times of their isolation policy…bile disaster cmni jadi..xmalu pulak mtk bantuan luar…

freaking super duper much awaiting like hell indeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! finally out. The special extended edition of the romantic comedy proposal daisakusen..yoshida rei kawaii. is, ape lg..google lh kt website streaming terdekat..ekeke (keyword, aznv.tv).

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