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May 9, 2008

modern robinhood vs gov’s dog n pig + NS cyclone (National service)

Filed under: macam2 — yoorin @ 6:48 am

police n fru are gomen’s pig n dog (not all)

against rakyat-turns-to-robinhood for their right…these pig n dog are defending their boss which happily robbing people’s hard earned tears money for toll. maybe this robber will say..”sape suruh jd orang miskin..bodoh betul..smpi bile2 ko tu miskin..n bodoh wakaka. Money n power are everything, stupid folks!”

National service..16th trainee died and counting….apparently it is caused by the continuous negligence from the NS management. what the hell the benefit of this national service? Possibilities that trainee/family will get:

  1. dies (trainee)
  2. corpse (family receives their son/daughter corpse)
  3. raped
  4. drowned
  5. get unity feeling among races..ekeke

So the biggest beneficiary is who? the crony that got uniform contract, food contract, tools contract, training place contract….our adik pompan or anak pompan is only TOY for enriching their SHIT MONEY. wakaka..common people without power is stupid as usual…ekeke


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