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June 2, 2008


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after completing my thesis, i took a huge step to watch jdoramas which were i didn’t able to do before. These are dramas that i had n currently watching it:

gigolo vampire. Serious turns funny story. A real, modern vampire who lives almost 300 years n likes garlic. He is like super saiya when he turns to vampire (his hair will stand, it colors will change too). He sucks blood but blood which bought from hospital. He is good vampire, doesn’t suck from people’s neck. Bumped with rion, a high schooler that together solve various mystery cases. It’s very funny.

papa to musume nanokakan. super funny dramas. A bitter father-daughter relationship turns slowly when their soul switched each other due an accident. That means the father lives in his daughter’s body n the opposite. Things go funny when koume (daughter) goes to work n her father go to school and go for dating which represents his daughter. koume is acted by awek my boss my hero. Freaking funny.

i can’t state the title bcoz it was too hentai. But is is very funny. It is like a manga-turns-to-drama 100%. Freaking funny. A story about megumi (densha otoko) n marie (kyoko fukada) who work as a bag seller in the prestigious store. Both two are always competing things who men didn’t have..ekeke. Kelakar gile. So rajin2 lh tanye pakcik google n pakcik yahoo if u want to watch it. 2007 2nd best drama right behind proposal daisakusen is worth to watch it.


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