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June 5, 2008

petrol price hikes talk version 1

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some comments from ordinary/common Malaysian folks/citizens

Where does my tax money go to? I don’t see enough of it coming back to me, the general public. I see it going towards funding a handful of increasingly fat and lazy bunch, their families and friends. The poor get poorer and the rich, richer. I see ‘white elephants ‘all over Malaysia. I’m tired of paying for others’ inaptitude and selfish greed. Where will the government’s fuel subsidy go to? More ridiculous schemes? More useless space programmes? More overpriced power tools? When will the government realise that enough is enough?

My comment: hahaha..another millions will go to drain to send a passenger to outer space when some shah alam folks’ houses demolished by MBSA without proper compensation..ekeke. Could u send that outer space doctor to fix their broken heart? that time (2007) the menteri besar is malay, the bulldozer driver is chinese, FRUs are malay but people who come to protect is opposition leader who are chinese and indian. What a big shame to bangsa melayu.

However, we as tax payers have a right to know where the subsidy will eventually be diverted. I am afraid that this huge sum of money will be misused and benefit only those BN cronies. I suggest the government set up an independent body to monitor this money and channel it towards improving our public transportation. I don’t think anybody in a right mind would want to drive his or her car 2-3 hours back and forth every day to make ends meet.

my comment: not rich people aa..as stupid as always. Want rich ka? get some crony in BN.

If the government would like to make fuel price as per the market price, firstly, it needs to reduce import taxes and excise duties for all passenger car to comply with the Japan- Malaysia FTA. At least, Malaysia can opt for cheaper hybrid cars which are good in fuel efficiency. And pay back to Malaysians the inflated taxes already imposed on car owners.

my comment: yeah..petrol price increase yes………but abolish car’s tax. dun wan? wan to protect crony proton@perodua? kill@abolish proton@perodua too. RM40k in thailand got honda civic la. kat malaysia? work like dying only can afford kelisa. Did u pay more money to get ‘proud’? Proud by driving in national car? RM40k’s car with no air bag no ABS? Malaysia is only country which people pay for dying..ekeke

In a country where public transport is abysmal and most people have no practical choice but to own cars, middle-class families are being pushed to the wall. Subsidised petrol helps to offset the high installments car owners have to fork out monthly to pay for their overtaxed cars. Many owners have to take a nine-year loan just to pay off a basic car. On top of that tolls are a heavy burden to motorists and threaten to keep going up due to one sided deals signed with toll concessionaires.

my comment: kalau public transport is efficient as one in germany or uk xpe lg..but pig is lot faster la than our public transport. lagi mau cakap pki public transport pki public transport..lopsided toll agreement..every year motorist is increasing..does Menteri Kerjaya Raya is xpandai? Crony? Rasuah? jeng jeng jeng…

Thirdly, why should gas supplied to the IPPs be subsidised and yet the IPPs reap billions of ringgit from taxpayers and consumers? The IPPs signed unfair one-sided agreements with TNB and we have to pay for that blunder now.

IPP is penjana tenaga bebas…is owned by some richest people in malaysia..including tan sri mokhtar al dot dot..did an agreement with TNB..lopsided too..TNB must buy energy from these IPPs which are giving super duper profit to IPP. so? increase tariff lah..sng cite

Wan Azizah berkata, Malaysia adalah negara pengeksport minyak mentah, justeru harga petrol dalam negara perlu dibandingkan dengan negara-negara pengeksport minyak seperti UAE RM1.19 seliter, Mesir RM1.03 seliter, Kuwait RM0.67 seliter, Saudi Arabia RM0.38 seliter, Nigeria RM0.32 seliter dan Venezuela RM0.16 seliter.

my comment:sorry to use harsh words..did our menteri kewangan dun know nothing about economy? Dari aku kecik ke beso always ” we are the cheapest among the ASEAN country”. Now, “we have the most dot dot dot menteri kewangan”.


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