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June 27, 2008

malaysia boleh! on bolehland

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“gambling is whatever betting activity between parties that either side will lose some (ezani, 2008)”

celcom 100 camry 100 days has been scrapped after bla bla it has some gambling factor decided by some religion authority. Celcom claims it is approved by gomen but decides to cancel it. What about the kind of the flooding SMS competition on the tv nowadays? Not gambling ke? Definitely, some people will lose and some people will make the freaking easy money. The famous Akademi Fantasia vote, does it gambling or not? Definitely some side will lose some money for the AF vote also. (surely some people will fire me for this).

Allah will pull so called ‘keberkatan’ in human’s life for involving in gambling (google please).

But Malaysia Boleh spirit can turn it around. You must acquire license to turn from ‘haram’ to ‘halal’ for this kind of gambling. Just get an approval from gomen and all will OK. All type of gambling we can find in this bolehland. So Malaysia Boleh!!!! on our bolehland. Malaysia boleh!

sin is sweet but truth is bitter like shit. Our real world.

*suke hati aku la ape aku nk post. blog aku..ekeke

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