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June 28, 2008

I saw a topless breast

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pavylucengko on the big screen (taken when i was watching Euro 08)

yesterday..i went to a mamak restaurant at some area located at section 24 (above picture) for dinner n i noticed that the big screen was playing some dvd movies. I just arrived when the mamak’s boss switches to another movie. Starred by an Asian actor back to year 2000 i think. The movie starts and suddenly it shows some porn horror scene that i think approximately 15 seconds long. That scene starts with two girls dancing and kissing suddenly one from that girls touches another girl’s breast and ‘unlocking’ it for seconds. I can see the bare shape of topless breast on the big screen. Seeing with me 30 plus people and including a group of parents and their son and daughter right in front of that big screen. wth?

Sadis sungguh the atmosphere that time..shame la that mamak restaurant. Does some filtering will do before playing it in front of people. All people have so called social responsibilty. Budak2 in very green age already saw that scenery at the open air. Later went back n google-ing for more. Shame indeed for adult people. wat the *tepuk dahi*

imagine we wit our papa n our mama at mamak and watching that action movie and suddenly that scene occurs. our 11 years old brother or sister also saw it. adeh…..

Malaysia Islamic Boleh! everything can happen on our Bolehland..

*sorry for using harsh words. truth is bitter like shit

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