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July 28, 2008

guys, we all are …..!

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…………! no 1

u r born on this world 25@51 years ago over combigned sperm from ur father and an ovum from ur mother. Now, ur father is raping u. becoz ur father’s good on growing u over passed 25@51 years, u r blinding what is ur father doing on u. good. good daughter. jgn jd anak derhaka. xelok. Kene rogol xpe. menderhaka jgn sesekali…ekeke

…………! no 2

what the freaking hell our consumer price index is only 7.7%? Go to restaurant we’ll find the nasik campur rm3 goes to rm4! It is >30%? Go to giant, compare how much price for fresh milk between now and a month before. oh yeah, people with more money always  have the last laugh.

malaysia, truly asia in deep shit!


July 26, 2008

boiled egg

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how to make the boiled egg?

click HERE

July 25, 2008

joke + pizen

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pizen pizen pizen………………i almost can not stand anymore 😦

2moro im going to pizen some joke in front of my members.. it is compulsory and must making others laugh. Freaking ….until now duno wat to do. not working stupid joke is a shame man….imagine the atmosphere when my joke is not working..ahh..tensen2!

After that the real business presentation pulakk until evening….this is madnesssssss!!!!!!!!!

July 21, 2008

tale of newspapers

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disclaimer: my personal views only

There are lots of daily prime newspapers like bla bla..types like bla bla..but generally from my opinion, not base on the type, minus political newspaper, which one is the most value for our money. So i classified from the highest to the lowest rank:

  1. The Star
  2. NST
  3. Malay Mail
  4. Berita Harian
  5. Kosmo
  6. Metro
  7. Utusan Melayu

I chose The Star at the highest rank because:

  • it has quality. Colorful and being well organized
  • In english of course. Has sections that we can learn. can continue improving in english
  • thicker than any other newspaper means more info, lots of info, lots of sports news
  • minus stupid rumor news like ‘artis a gaduh artis b bla bla bla…..’
  • has tons of reliable job advertisement
  • gives fair news ‘lately’
  • lots of good articles from the writer and scholar
  • The cheapest among others. RM1.20 weekdays and RM1.50 for sunday.

NST slightly off than the star. Becoz i felt the font is too small, not good in organizing. Less sports news. Smaller, means less news. LESS JOBS ADS. Low quality of paper LOL. Price is same with the star. But not fair news, biased to gomen. The Malay Mail is good. Thicker than The Star but not bias. Gives fair news to all sides. It uses bombastic english words that minor like me can’t understand LOL. Price duno. Never buy. But rarely reading it.

Berita Hairan someone calls it. Recently changed to smaller size. It is in bahasa. Not value for money. Lots of stupid, sick story of local entertainment. Less information. Biased to government. But sometimes gives fair news. Less sports news.

Kosmo n metro are same. Tabloid paper that championing issues like ‘bapak rogol anak’, ‘artis a bla bla’, ‘ajaran sesat here and there’,’mat rempit bla bla’,’video lucah bla bla’,’aksi lucah bla bla’…there are some good but i never buy this paper intentionally. For people who like to ‘stim2’ can la..membazir duit je beli paper jenis nih

Utusan Meloya. Its name shows it did not deserve neither compliment nor comment. Buang mase je tulis psl paper nih. Total rubbish.

July 18, 2008

relieved + topup

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relieved. out from 2 days presentation skill’s hell 😦

  • topup rm 5 for 180 days validity
  • topup rm 10 for 180 days validity
  • topup rm 30 for 180 days validity

read here 🙂

July 16, 2008

Malaysia is a joke

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  1. country with low salary and high cost living
  2. need to pay toll only for jam
  3. need to pay rm39k to get car with driver airbag only
  4. protect cronies only for malaysian dying in Perodua n Proton cars
  5. can sworn in the name of Allah to clear things so sg buloh jail will be empty
  6. country which its citizen happily clapped in supporting (chick) the fuel price hikes. xphm betul aku manusia jenis ni.
  7. country which poor people can be rich in one night
  8. country which has a kangaroo court
  9. country with changing life style. 1 meal perday from two. 1 dish from 2 dishes. Bread instead of rice. Potato instead of rice.
  10. country which has ‘Hari tidak berbelanja’. No need to belanja for lunch and dinner but still need to belanja for petrol n toll.
  11. sooner or later, this country will be damned by GOD because an overwhelming corruption. Don’t put it on all citizen if GOD wants to give BALA.

Malaysia, truly asia joke!

July 14, 2008


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tomorrow hav an open-any-book SQL xm LOL. Then cert from australia will be delivered.

July 13, 2008

the super duper important of insurance policy to us

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disclaimer: i’m not an insurance’s agent.

indeed.juz wan to share. there are many insurance policy providers in our market like prudential, etiqa bla bla bla..there are hell of benefits for insurance buyer based on the insurance’s policy type. Duno how to explain. But i want to point  out it’s benefit cases by cases. Generally, when something happen likes:

  • A starts working at 25. At 50 A manages to save rm100k in the bank after saving like hell. Later he diagnosed and confirmed has a fatal disease that needs some surgery. The surgery costs him a whopping rm90k. He saved becoz he has money. But his 25 years worth of saving is burned to dust. We talked about people who have money. How about the moneyless people? Certainly moneyless people will die early than rich people. It was bitter but that is our real world . So here the insurance plays its part. If A has insurance policy, his rm90k will be saved. Insurance will cover that surgery cost. So moneyless people can live longer, rich people also.
  • Paralysed @ disability aka ‘lumpuh’. A starts working at 25. At 26 involved in an accident which resulted the horrible whole body paralysed. Imagine that time A’s mama, papa, sister  n brother who feeding  food to A’s mouth and  ‘basuh berak’ daily. ‘Basuh berak’   forever until A dies. Horrible. ‘Basuh berak’ for free is already horrible. Feeding food to A’s mouth FOR FREE is 1000x horrible. Imagine A’s family face  when ‘basuh berak’ and feeding for free have nothing but sweet smile all the way. But deep in their heart is always ***t! ***k! ***t! only. All family member’s don’t like but need to ‘basuh berak’. So insurance will play its part here. The insurance holder will be compensated certain amount of money (eg rm60k or based on insurance provider) when some case like disability happens. That money can be used to feed A’s mouth, hire some indon’s maid for ‘basuh berak’ or  making some investment to grow A’s money for future use. So everyone was happy.

All people can’t be guaranteed that 2 events above won’t happen in their life. There are lots of benefits. So cepat2 lh cari satu polisi insurans LOL

for more info, read here. I found it very useful

July 11, 2008

3 of us + SQL + happy + welcome onboard nasri & ramsey

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It has been a long time ago 3 of us have met. Today said came to us and sharing array of nonsense of jokes together with me and zul. He ordered the new saga and juz 1 month waiting, suddenly his car is delivered. He expects the car will ready in 5 months++ time bcoz long que. But said didn’t has enough paycheck. Juz working around 1+ month. So that saga needs to give to another buyer..lol

dulu SQL, kini SQL n selamanya SQL. This is madness. But programmer needs it. Need to learn again. I noticed the question are lots different with which 1 i learned in my  uni. I think it is becoz  this type of SQL to be applied in the industry.

Eduardo fully recovered from terrible and horrible injuries and making me sick. Happy picture with his wife and daughter. So beware of this fox in the box. This fox expertise is in stealing ayam lol

The nasri’s saga finally reach to an end. Already tired with here and there rumours. He will don number 8 jersey and be a winger by replacing hleb. yeah!

Aaron ramsey. Wenger steals him right under sir alex ferguson’s nose. yeah!

July 9, 2008

torture your feeling(s) (><) by watching satorare

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My view. This jdorama will make u:

  • laugh until u sick more or less than My Boss My Hero
  • sad until u cry more or less than 1 Litre of Tears
  • layan jiwang until u fly more or less than Proposal Daisakusen

Main actor: odagiri joe

The story is all about one ‘imaginary’ disease where people around can hear the patient inner thought (i wonder this type of disease ever exists in our world). But this type of people are protected by japanese gomen. They called it as ‘Satorare’ @ transparent. Genius Kenichi Satomi is accepted in a hospital to practice medicine. All hospital staffs and patients need to stand with satomi and pretending do not hear his inner thought. His weakness leads to funny and sad events. Satomi meets a female doctor and falling with her. All i can say this drama is good. And funny when all hospital staff are strategising like hell to kick satomi from their hospital. OST from glay. Aitai Kimochi. Jiwang lagu nih

korea version pn ader

It can be watched at:

  • hardly to find at streaming sites. download here.
  • or ‘bartering’ with me (klu malas nk donlod)
  • or get from me for free if u cud LOL

Goodbye satorare and welcome the nex jdorama!

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