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July 2, 2008

thanx god, close & working mate is with me + jdorama review: haken no hinkaku

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there are lots to tell nowadays, find no time to write in my blog. Then this post will be updated in time to time. Firstly, for the very first early days in the industry i did:

i did some lego stuff. Mine is right beside the twin towers. What the kind of this training to do with my job? Toy R&D engineer of toy stuff-related tester? lol

Guess who is the person sitting at the center? This person is the same person who failed in Fundamental of Problem Solving together with me at UiTM Perak. After several years, alhamdullillah, he is alongside me and together we work at the same company. A bit nervous and fear to adapt to the new environment, lonely with nobody, don’t know the people I have work for. Suddenly he is accepted after last minute interview process. So I’m very happy lh. Ada kawan, so happy. 2 person together is far2 better than one people only. Looking forward to better future LOL.

just finished from watching it. A great laughter. Haken no hinkaku. The story starts in the background of japan’s economy slump. Every company needs “Haken” (part time worker) to assist the full timer in the company. Oomae Haruko, a haken is accepted in the S&F company. She is unique because she must finish her work at 6 and no over time. Those are her rules that everybody needs to obey. Lunch time also is fixed on 12pm sharp. She is super haken, who has almost skills and solving every difficulties that her company faces. Funny things happened when she was confronting with all full timers in the company. Worth to watch. Plus I felt pissed off when Oomae Haruko kene cium by some people who x ensem at all. watch it HERE


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