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July 5, 2008

thesis + super duper boring MCAD

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my thesis finally. indeed, zillion thanks to my lecturers, frens, junior and senior, experts and whoever  involved in completing my thesis direct and indirectly. alhamdullillah, with Allah’s permission and assisted by all people around me, i managed to finish it. Only Allah able to pay your kindness.

10+- kilos of microsoft’s course i took for free. What I can say this course is super good for students becoz u will be a ‘recognized’ microsoft’s product expertise. The space is not enough, at least it needs 3 months. 1 month leads to cincai2 or asal selak buku lead to xpaham xpe. asal pass. For sure i passed. My class’ trainer is  likely not too much exprience in her..so kinda boring. Even she did not finish our syllabus. Truly boring. i think for 100 marks, i vote for only 20 for this 3p  program. It is good. But..student didn’t understand much. Little bit only. Now Malaysia is flooded with MCAD, MCSA people and certain student will find it hard to search for suitable microsoft’s jobs. Every corner and every streets in Malaysia will have microsoft’s product engineer and software developer. Students need to compete and the strongest will win. So, don’t be a person which has bla bla bla bla bla certs but know nothing. I think 3p should start to offer peoplesoft, cobol, SAP, DB2, oracle certs. Later industry will be flooded again..lol

Don’t follow trend..when people talk about MCSA, MCAD (if free juz take la) everybody go to MCSA, MCAD..but people always saying COBOL is dying..then feel no need to go for it. But demand still there. Banks still using COBOL for next 10-20 years. And i heard COBOL programmer easily earns RM7000 per month. Because no COBOL people in the industry. Definitely COBOL is niche job market. So pandai2 lh to search jobs that will bear good pay.

my class..they never knew me and i never knew them before. So i made frens as many as 16 new aweks and several dudes. Bore level increases tremendously with them. Alhamdulillah i finished it too finally.


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