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July 9, 2008

torture your feeling(s) (><) by watching satorare

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My view. This jdorama will make u:

  • laugh until u sick more or less than My Boss My Hero
  • sad until u cry more or less than 1 Litre of Tears
  • layan jiwang until u fly more or less than Proposal Daisakusen

Main actor: odagiri joe

The story is all about one ‘imaginary’ disease where people around can hear the patient inner thought (i wonder this type of disease ever exists in our world). But this type of people are protected by japanese gomen. They called it as ‘Satorare’ @ transparent. Genius Kenichi Satomi is accepted in a hospital to practice medicine. All hospital staffs and patients need to stand with satomi and pretending do not hear his inner thought. His weakness leads to funny and sad events. Satomi meets a female doctor and falling with her. All i can say this drama is good. And funny when all hospital staff are strategising like hell to kick satomi from their hospital. OST from glay. Aitai Kimochi. Jiwang lagu nih

korea version pn ader

It can be watched at:

  • hardly to find at streaming sites. download here.
  • or ‘bartering’ with me (klu malas nk donlod)
  • or get from me for free if u cud LOL

Goodbye satorare and welcome the nex jdorama!


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