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July 21, 2008

tale of newspapers

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disclaimer: my personal views only

There are lots of daily prime newspapers like bla bla..types like bla bla..but generally from my opinion, not base on the type, minus political newspaper, which one is the most value for our money. So i classified from the highest to the lowest rank:

  1. The Star
  2. NST
  3. Malay Mail
  4. Berita Harian
  5. Kosmo
  6. Metro
  7. Utusan Melayu

I chose The Star at the highest rank because:

  • it has quality. Colorful and being well organized
  • In english of course. Has sections that we can learn. can continue improving in english
  • thicker than any other newspaper means more info, lots of info, lots of sports news
  • minus stupid rumor news like ‘artis a gaduh artis b bla bla bla…..’
  • has tons of reliable job advertisement
  • gives fair news ‘lately’
  • lots of good articles from the writer and scholar
  • The cheapest among others. RM1.20 weekdays and RM1.50 for sunday.

NST slightly off than the star. Becoz i felt the font is too small, not good in organizing. Less sports news. Smaller, means less news. LESS JOBS ADS. Low quality of paper LOL. Price is same with the star. But not fair news, biased to gomen. The Malay Mail is good. Thicker than The Star but not bias. Gives fair news to all sides. It uses bombastic english words that minor like me can’t understand LOL. Price duno. Never buy. But rarely reading it.

Berita Hairan someone calls it. Recently changed to smaller size. It is in bahasa. Not value for money. Lots of stupid, sick story of local entertainment. Less information. Biased to government. But sometimes gives fair news. Less sports news.

Kosmo n metro are same. Tabloid paper that championing issues like ‘bapak rogol anak’, ‘artis a bla bla’, ‘ajaran sesat here and there’,’mat rempit bla bla’,’video lucah bla bla’,’aksi lucah bla bla’…there are some good but i never buy this paper intentionally. For people who like to ‘stim2’ can la..membazir duit je beli paper jenis nih

Utusan Meloya. Its name shows it did not deserve neither compliment nor comment. Buang mase je tulis psl paper nih. Total rubbish.


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