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August 30, 2008

Facts n figures of Malaysia’s Independence Day

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1957 was the year Malaysia got an independence from British.

25 millions of Malaysian will celebrate it.

On the national day eve,..[put suitable figures] girl(s)’ mouth will be kissed..

[put suitable figures] pair of girl’s breast(s) will be touched and rubbed..

[put suitable figures] girl’s virginity(s) will be lost..

..Selamat hari Merdeka….oh well, Selamat mengawasi adik perempuan anda yg dlm proses nk jd doktor dan kakak anda yang kiut miut di malam merdeka sambil layan bunga api…good luck!



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well you done done me and you bet i felt it
i won’t hesitate no more
no more it cannot wait, i’m yours
well open up your mind and see like me
theres no need to complicate
our time is short
this is our fate, i’m yours
our name is our virtue

August 27, 2008

cuti2 malaysia

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6 days holiday from wednesday plus 2 days awana genting, the city of sin joy!

permatang pauh

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31,195 people which voted the low moral fella and forgetting BN’s goodness for passed 51 years to date!

31,195 had voted out the most good Islamic state goverment

31,195 voted out the kerajaan yg prihatin masalah rakyat.

BN gomen is doing everything they can for rakyat benefits. Still lost. Why2?! All people kene tipu dgn anwar ibrahim. Power hungry. Low moral fella. Why voting him? Xphm la aku. Save BN for malaysia’s survival plzzzz…………


August 23, 2008

Bump for DSAI campaign

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I’m  supporting arsenal, uitm and also supporting opposition. This alleged ‘memasukkan zakar ke dalam dubur’ (sorry, but we can see this quote all around the world malaysia, my little sister also read it, no harm to quote in here) fella is contesting in bla bla coming by-election. Why so fear by changing government? Likes of Japan, South Korea, US, German, Israel countries are developing better and better with this process. No worry lah. It’s like fantasy story which is a prince or hero will bear to kill a giant monster from attacking villagers in 52 years. If we not take this chance, this monster will continue robbing the bloodshed, tearshed, sweatshed and hard-earned money of malaysia citizens continue attacking the villagers for another 52 years! So permatang pauh voters, plz vote for this fella. For those bosses, plz give ur employee some holiday to balik kampung lol.

oh yes,

read HERE. New agreement between concessionaire and kerajaan malaysia yang prihatin. New improved deal untill year 2030. The LDP’s cost to build only RM1.7 billion and will rob malaysian money untill RM13 billion. Rompak RM4-5 Billion xleh ke?

Padan muke Puchong folks. Nasib kampung aku kt Sabak Bernam ekeke. Tu pun sometime kene byr tol…Hidup BN! Vote for BN more n more…

August 21, 2008

geng surau vs geng x surau

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ramadhan is calling us..

Want to share my story. Story starts in year 2000 n 2001 in my school. Students are separated in two groups unofficially. A good group contained good boys which were not doing less or not at all problems in school or hostel. Almost 5 prayers time in musolla if not 4 or 3 LOL. Chatting in musolla. Sleeping also in musolla. All activities in the musolla. That musolla is so big enough to accomodate this group’s activities. The another group is a bunch of bad boys, were doing lots of problem. Rarely from seeing them pray in musolla. These 2 groups were not well mixed because didn’t same head LOL.

so 2 years ago we (amin, epul) went to  so called the ‘fast breaking reunion’. Later we found that we are the only ‘old group’ (not for bragging, but all muslims are supposed to be ‘geng surau’ rite?). And others were from another ‘old group’.

So the atmosphere is so weird, akward, gloomy, cold and no fun at all. Becoz…ye lah. x sekepala kn…so shy2 not much to talk with another group lh. Chatting among us je lh. Overall we still happy becoz can see old friend. So that is one story in my ramadhan.

mcm epul kate, ‘geng surau jmpe geng x surau, mane nk best’ LOL.

happy pre-celebrating ramadhan.

August 19, 2008

curtain is raised + new place

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Obviously indeed yes 🙂 , 3 months+- of ENGLISHPEREMIERSHIPLEAGUE-LESS disease is cured now. The curtain raiser by manchester united. First game, first win, first debut, first goal for samir nasri. New season, new hope. Life is full with joy again.

5 days passed. At menara luxor. a bit far. damansara. Cannot wake up late somemore. Merempit only to go there. New module. SAP ABAP language. Kinda hard. Shocked. People at cubicles seems quiet, calm everytime n everyday. So wierd. Makan place kinda crowded but still ok.

10th floor for now

view from my desk in training

bla bla mkn at tgi friday the curve RM600++ for 16 people. Treat from kampeni. for info this tgi friday is serving halal n non halal food. air setan so called wine it has. beacon duno. But for halal menu, it has jakim logo. So i believed in jakim..i believed jakim had taken every measurement and regularities needed in giving halal certificate.  (yes, we need to get out from syubhah thing..but what to do). Klu bapak aku tau dh lame kene parang ni. Makan x sedap pn. so aku rekemen xyah la pg kedai ni. Somemore, for every rm40 u eat, the tax is rm6. Heck.

contractor is my position for now LOL

August 12, 2008


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some friend asks me why me too critical on gomen of malaysia in bulding the tolled highway like LDP, NKVE bla bla bla. He says ‘nak selesa, mestilah kene bayar’,’gomen x mampu biaya so kene swastakan’,’xsuke, get out from malaysia!’ Did gomen really not able to afford to build the highway?

read HERE

Stupid, corrupt, gomen of malaysia can afford to build these highways, but they won’t do it on the interest of rakyat. these leaders of Malaysia were HEARTLESS, SHAMELESS or BALL-LESS. Not every rakyat riches enough to pay for toll. In the end, people regardless which supporting party, need to pay for toll.

Finally, these pak2 menteri will say ‘tukar cara hidup’, ‘mkn roti drpd nasi’, bla bla bla in curbing the living cost…even rakyat already didn’t know what dish to put on the table for dinner for family members..sad2

these HEARTLESS pak pak menteri, absolutely do not have BALLS to speak out on the interest of rakyat. Only care for their rice bowl only.

Malaysia, truly asia joke!

August 8, 2008

suda habis + lion loves human too

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C#, the bla bla language 4 the last module in SHRDC. Alhamdullilah, all praises go to Allah for letting me on finishing my modules. I did badly in my business presentation and of course this C# system. Felt like want to cry..(T_T). rase nk blik kg pn ade..but i had won something, now try to do not lose it..gambate! eh, nk blik kg lak sok..tonite wan to watch the golden compass, ajax vs arsenal at 3, lepak mamak for saturday’s morning newspaper at 7.3o..n balik after that..wuiyoh..bz bz!

this amazing video amazed me…duno tipu or not..thanks to maini

August 2, 2008

a poem to my special friend

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watching she grows

since 2002

she is different

she lost her pc after coming back from some occasion

occasion whereby she wears layers of swimsuit

she feels as punishment from god

honest in her college days

once asked me about some friend brought ‘toyol’ in tests

she sticks with ‘keberkatan’ concept

she scores all the way yes

once directed me to do this, to do that

my pleasure for working under her

she is different

1 in 1000 girl

or 1 in 10000

she shows how to

look pretty

without sacrificing here and there

this and that


rarely to find

she got in my prayers forever

in this world or afterlife,

may Allah bless her

and letting her businesses easier

Super pre-happy birthday girl! 🙂

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