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August 12, 2008


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some friend asks me why me too critical on gomen of malaysia in bulding the tolled highway like LDP, NKVE bla bla bla. He says ‘nak selesa, mestilah kene bayar’,’gomen x mampu biaya so kene swastakan’,’xsuke, get out from malaysia!’ Did gomen really not able to afford to build the highway?

read HERE

Stupid, corrupt, gomen of malaysia can afford to build these highways, but they won’t do it on the interest of rakyat. these leaders of Malaysia were HEARTLESS, SHAMELESS or BALL-LESS. Not every rakyat riches enough to pay for toll. In the end, people regardless which supporting party, need to pay for toll.

Finally, these pak2 menteri will say ‘tukar cara hidup’, ‘mkn roti drpd nasi’, bla bla bla in curbing the living cost…even rakyat already didn’t know what dish to put on the table for dinner for family members..sad2

these HEARTLESS pak pak menteri, absolutely do not have BALLS to speak out on the interest of rakyat. Only care for their rice bowl only.

Malaysia, truly asia joke!


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