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August 19, 2008

curtain is raised + new place

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Obviously indeed yes 🙂 , 3 months+- of ENGLISHPEREMIERSHIPLEAGUE-LESS disease is cured now. The curtain raiser by manchester united. First game, first win, first debut, first goal for samir nasri. New season, new hope. Life is full with joy again.

5 days passed. At menara luxor. a bit far. damansara. Cannot wake up late somemore. Merempit only to go there. New module. SAP ABAP language. Kinda hard. Shocked. People at cubicles seems quiet, calm everytime n everyday. So wierd. Makan place kinda crowded but still ok.

10th floor for now

view from my desk in training

bla bla mkn at tgi friday the curve RM600++ for 16 people. Treat from kampeni. for info this tgi friday is serving halal n non halal food. air setan so called wine it has. beacon duno. But for halal menu, it has jakim logo. So i believed in jakim..i believed jakim had taken every measurement and regularities needed in giving halal certificate.  (yes, we need to get out from syubhah thing..but what to do). Klu bapak aku tau dh lame kene parang ni. Makan x sedap pn. so aku rekemen xyah la pg kedai ni. Somemore, for every rm40 u eat, the tax is rm6. Heck.

contractor is my position for now LOL


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