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August 21, 2008

geng surau vs geng x surau

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ramadhan is calling us..

Want to share my story. Story starts in year 2000 n 2001 in my school. Students are separated in two groups unofficially. A good group contained good boys which were not doing less or not at all problems in school or hostel. Almost 5 prayers time in musolla if not 4 or 3 LOL. Chatting in musolla. Sleeping also in musolla. All activities in the musolla. That musolla is so big enough to accomodate this group’s activities. The another group is a bunch of bad boys, were doing lots of problem. Rarely from seeing them pray in musolla. These 2 groups were not well mixed because didn’t same head LOL.

so 2 years ago we (amin, epul) went to  so called the ‘fast breaking reunion’. Later we found that we are the only ‘old group’ (not for bragging, but all muslims are supposed to be ‘geng surau’ rite?). And others were from another ‘old group’.

So the atmosphere is so weird, akward, gloomy, cold and no fun at all. Becoz…ye lah. x sekepala kn…so shy2 not much to talk with another group lh. Chatting among us je lh. Overall we still happy becoz can see old friend. So that is one story in my ramadhan.

mcm epul kate, ‘geng surau jmpe geng x surau, mane nk best’ LOL.

happy pre-celebrating ramadhan.


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