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August 23, 2008

Bump for DSAI campaign

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I’m  supporting arsenal, uitm and also supporting opposition. This alleged ‘memasukkan zakar ke dalam dubur’ (sorry, but we can see this quote all around the world malaysia, my little sister also read it, no harm to quote in here) fella is contesting in bla bla coming by-election. Why so fear by changing government? Likes of Japan, South Korea, US, German, Israel countries are developing better and better with this process. No worry lah. It’s like fantasy story which is a prince or hero will bear to kill a giant monster from attacking villagers in 52 years. If we not take this chance, this monster will continue robbing the bloodshed, tearshed, sweatshed and hard-earned money of malaysia citizens continue attacking the villagers for another 52 years! So permatang pauh voters, plz vote for this fella. For those bosses, plz give ur employee some holiday to balik kampung lol.

oh yes,

read HERE. New agreement between concessionaire and kerajaan malaysia yang prihatin. New improved deal untill year 2030. The LDP’s cost to build only RM1.7 billion and will rob malaysian money untill RM13 billion. Rompak RM4-5 Billion xleh ke?

Padan muke Puchong folks. Nasib kampung aku kt Sabak Bernam ekeke. Tu pun sometime kene byr tol…Hidup BN! Vote for BN more n more…



  1. kampung aku pun sabak bernam gak..ahaks…jalan besar tp x byr tol..hahah..

    Comment by haSaNah — August 25, 2008 @ 1:12 am

  2. Yes!Aku senada dgn ko nas!Enough is Enough!52 too years is too long!For permatang pauh voters,please vote for Anwar Ibrahim!You will speak on behalf of all Malaysians!I’m backing him for next pm of Malaysia!Makhalsakhti!Go go pakatan rakyat!

    Comment by manu fan — August 25, 2008 @ 3:33 am

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