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September 23, 2008


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Moment before breakfast-ing is among the great  time to pray where Allah will make it real. Every pray also can. Just hold up our hands and say it. Like

Ampuni dosaku, dosa kedua ibu bapa ku, dosa guru-guru ku, dosa rakan-rakan ku dan dosa muslimin dan muslimat.

Kurniakan aku isteri/suami yang solehah/soleh.

Masukkanlah aku ke dalam syurga tanpa hisab.

Kurniakanlah aku rezeki yang halal and diberkati.

Allah Maha Pemurah dan Pengasih. Sooner or later, in this world or afterlife, Allah will grant our wishes/prays.


September 21, 2008

Application project

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Cuak tahap gaban no 1

I can’t remember how much gabra and cuak tahap gaban I feel like this previously in my life. I got the clearer picture how scary my job which is needs to be ready on call job basis. Cuak tahap gaban when i called to perform some programming on LCD projector in front of my members and seniors. They kinda like bully us.

Cuak tahap gaban no 2

When we got the real project (we only in application project phase). 15 of us need to complete the programming part. Cuak too. Noob in ABAP. Cuak2. Project from GoodYear Brazil. But managed to complete the task after getting guides from members and seniors.

Boring tahap gaban

We are in application project. But nothing to do bcoz company ‘s laptop yet to receive at least before hari raya. So we are freezed. So everyday we go to OU, the curve, cineleisure to kill our time. At least i got my pants for hari raya. We got bowling also on friday, and some from us playing with rare suit-baju kebaya.

September 18, 2008

expecting vs pregnant

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from what I knew,

“Are you pregnant?” is considered rude and leading to misunderstand.

So, use “Are you expecting?” is more decent words.

September 15, 2008

my niece

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still learning in mengkurep (in jawa). Not strong to hold his head high for long.

a new dawn for malaysia

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a few hours before changing government? or the schedule will be postponed?

eagerly waiting.

oh yes, forgot, raja petra kamaruddin is ISAed after police got sufficient ‘evidence’. Ball-less for not bring to open court particularly when police got sufficient ‘evidence’. Complete of Malaysia Boleh jokes.

oh no, the umno racist guy only got 3 years of umno-less membership suspension. Joke number 2.

September 14, 2008

berbuke di kampung vs berbuke di shah alam

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kt kampung…

  1. air teh
  2. air (laici+cincau+nata)
  3. kurma ajwa
  4. kuih keria
  5. masak sardin
  6. ketam masak lemak
  7. ayam kampung masak kunyit
  8. masak sayur kangkung
  9. masak sayur peria + ayam
  10. bubur jagung
  11. jantung pisang rebus
  12. ayam goreng
  13. tembikai
  14. jagung rebus
  15. buah pelam potong
  16. biji belinjo
  17. biji badam

kat shah alam…

  1. air lai chee kang
  2. nasi lemak ayam goreng berempah
  3. kurma

better at sabak bernam rather shah alam!

September 9, 2008

super acid test on multi-races malaysia

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lately, chinese malaysian community is labelled by some malay guy as

  1. squatter
  2. american jews who are contolling america’s economy n politics

and shocking, the former leader of penang poster is teared in some press conference event by some malay guy. You know what that means? It’s sign of burning racist sentiment. Malay vs Chinese. Good. Malay will kill chinese n chinese will kill malay.

Tomorrow i will go to office n i will look my chinese office mate with uneasiness. Crap.

The stupidest thing is Pak Lah is to slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww on controlling this. Why don’t use ISA or Seditious Act on the responsible person to shut his mouth up from giving racist statements on public speech platform anymore? Slow melow when the person is Pak Lah own gang.

God, plz plz plz save Malaysia from this.

September 5, 2008

New module + karaoke

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SAP HR module. Need to swallow trainer’s slang from India.

September 1, 2008

Domino Race at Awana [pics updated LOL]

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Bla bla i went to bla bla for bla bla training. 2 days+-. It starts with a invaluavable n super precious experience when our car was making super emergency braking. So near from hitting merz’ bontot in front of us. And stuck at the fast lane at federal highway just before jambatan freescale because battery was out!!. Cuak tahap gaban dh that time. Even emergency signal also not working out. Traffic starts crawling right behind our car. Very beautiful scenery that time. Alhamdulillah, after taking some super fast action, we cau from there. These were not from my cap ayam cellphone. Real pics from Panasonic Lumix.

Just arrived in front of the hotel

my mates


some sort of crocodile game…bleh ehem2 ckit2 LOL

check in

view from balcony

first day, some kind of explorace activity. In the evening, we have archery..


rock climbing


me n mates after dinner

mamat ni mkn x igt….

before going to skyway


the ultimate activity…building dominos..LOL

mamat ni bt jambatan je?

*lazy lh to tell 4 more. In the friday evening we cauuu!

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