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September 1, 2008

Domino Race at Awana [pics updated LOL]

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Bla bla i went to bla bla for bla bla training. 2 days+-. It starts with a invaluavable n super precious experience when our car was making super emergency braking. So near from hitting merz’ bontot in front of us. And stuck at the fast lane at federal highway just before jambatan freescale because battery was out!!. Cuak tahap gaban dh that time. Even emergency signal also not working out. Traffic starts crawling right behind our car. Very beautiful scenery that time. Alhamdulillah, after taking some super fast action, we cau from there. These were not from my cap ayam cellphone. Real pics from Panasonic Lumix.

Just arrived in front of the hotel

my mates


some sort of crocodile game…bleh ehem2 ckit2 LOL

check in

view from balcony

first day, some kind of explorace activity. In the evening, we have archery..


rock climbing


me n mates after dinner

mamat ni mkn x igt….

before going to skyway


the ultimate activity…building dominos..LOL

mamat ni bt jambatan je?

*lazy lh to tell 4 more. In the friday evening we cauuu!


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