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December 11, 2008

Barack Hussein Obama

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What about hoos and haas about the new-elect US president? People are banking and hoping on the new policy and his manifesto to be true.  Especially when Muslims hope the  soft approach towards muslims and muslim’s countries. Obama himself is a history as the first African American US president and having muslim name too!

But don’t expect too much. I think his ‘evilness’ policy towards Islamic countries will come. He is controlled by AIPAC (google plz). Without AIPAC permission, he won’t be US president. AIPAC too powerful. All congress-man need to get AIPAC approval.

More or less, Barack Hussein Obama’s policy would be same with previous US Presidents.


December 10, 2008

working like crazy

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First 2 years, you will struggle and struggling. That was said by Mr Bala, my MCAD instructor, if I work in the private sector. Yes, I admit it after experiencing myself. That is how I feel for now. How come at 7.15 am must go to work and at 1230 am only able to sleep. Plus Saturday and Sunday also need to work. Tired yes. Fear, anxiety, no eating appetite, cannot sleep at night because too much thinking on the job. Sometimes I feel that I want to quit because the superworkload. But I started to learn how to cope with all this, how to do the debugging, testing, programming, asking senior for getting my work done. Things’ getting better and better.

And culture here, no borak2, no long2 breakfast time and kinda feel like ‘big sin’ if i go back before my supervisor even the time is 7.00pm and i clocked in at 8.15am! What the hell. Cannot see evening sun lh~~~

I think if in this world has a fastest programming competition, my supervisor will win it. Because she does it like no more tomorrow.I need to be like her.

I make my money here. Allah permits.

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