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February 28, 2009

7 super easy steps to make a girl total looser

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Eli or Elizabeth Wong is most probably the hottest woman in the town for now because her bla bla image is circulated on the net. She is victim for own naivety or another party takes advantage on the pic (we can guess based on political scenario right now). This kind of matter is happened an will happen to careless people forever. This is how world works, relatively very easy, i guaranteed you:

  1. Boy will use friendster, myspace or facebook to look for girl.
  2. Boy & girl will communicate via IM first.
  3. Girl will fall to that boy.
  4. Go for dating, cinema, then boy will raba2, girl no room to escape. If she mad, promise la mcm2. sng kn?
  5. Later, continue on the hotel room. The key starts here.
  6. Boy will snap girl’s pic or video while making love or oral sex, better with tudung.
  7. Then, girl, game over. Now that girl is boy’s slave. Money, sex? No problem. Girl will give. If not, ready to be famous.

Too easy, we don’t care if the victim is not our family or relative. At least when you have sister, you will worry.


February 19, 2009

Syukur alhamdulillah

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Finally, I’ve accepted as a permanent worker in my company. Started on Feb 09 as ‘super cutting-edge position’s name’, or nama biasa as programmer. Slightly more than we expect, I’m very happy. Nice as fresh grad here. Syukur alhamdulillah.

Now, the SAP nightmare challenge begins!

February 14, 2009

Ade org ckp bosan blog aku asek tulis psl tol je.

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I don’t care. I will continue to make my reader pissed off.

Based on this article, if reliable, we all are FUCKED UP.

RM12 billions, if we can jimat this money in 3 months (RM12 billions x 3 months = RM36 billions ), we can fucking easily take over all highway concessionaires!

Tak rasa marah ke, my orang kampung, go to kedai, to buy 2 kilos of beras! Normally, it’s 5, 10 kilos per bag of beras if not satu guni and they are MELAYU. So sad..

If one Rumah Murah is priced at RM70K, we can built 171428 of Rumah Murah every month for FREE.

This is Bolehland.

February 8, 2009

Pakatan Rakyat

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Patient for now

Please be patient dude. In Bolehland, wan can not do demo like one in UK or US whereby their police is in the interest of the rakyat. Can not blame the other side, after all, Pakatan Rakyat is the one who starts this frog issue. Plus they will take advantage from this incident to bash PR. Let it be, be patient for another 3 years. When that time arrived, we give them back kaw kaw.

They can win the government, but can not win the heart of rakyat.

Karpal & Hudud

Karpal, Malaysia needs two third vote from Lawmakers to make it happen. Are you seeing now that PAS Lawmakers is two third in the parliment? In PR, PAS MP will never fullfill two third majority.  Sick la you.

Hudud, Malaysia, Melayu and Islam

This law is applicable only for MUSLIM. Non-muslims no need to fear.

The sad thing is Melayu Islam themselves didn’t like to see HUDUD is applied in Malaysia. Then, make your own earth, your own oxygen if you won’t Hudud. Who permits your blood to flow from right ventricle to left ventricle?

February 7, 2009

The Born of Shah Alam Kemuning Highway

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Near my rent house, the construction of this highway is actively taking place. What is quizzing my head is the location of the daylight robbery toll booth. I suspect the location is right before Federal Highway.

That means all traffic must be passed through the toll booth. If my guess is right, folks from Seksyen 18 Shah Alam, if they want to go down to Federal Highway, they must take this new highway. I guess Seksyen 18 folks need to pay toll to get access to Federal Highway. The distance to the Federal Highway is only 600-700 metres.

Maybe 70-80 cents for 700 metres distance.

Why I want toll free highway.

Because the best thing in the life is FREE. How to make it free? Do you know Malaysian Government has awarded RM5 billion (RM5000 million) worth contract to the one shipmaker company to deliver ships to Malaysia?

That company FAILED to make it. Why? That company was not CAPABLE to deliver the ship. If government knew that company was not good enough, why government still awarding that contract to that company? Because of what? Because the owner is their friends, father in law, brother, sister, cousin  etc etc. That is named as CORRUPTION. Giver got money, acceptor got money.
Where that money went? You not need to go to secondary school to guess it right. It went to certain robbery individual pocket la.

This RM5 billion is worth of what?

One certainly Lebuhraya Damansara Puchong (LDP), one North Klang Valley Ekspressway (NKVE) or maybe one Federal Highway. Note that
this is only one corruption case. There are hundreds of corruptions out there worth hundreds billions RM!

It can be free highway, but we choose to pay it for our next three generations. So sad… Why people still use this ‘nk selesa kena bayar lh’ slogan?

This is not about Anwar liwatted  or C4 D Prime Minister party case. It is all about our right!
This is Bolehland dude, where you can find everything can be done.

Wrote something

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Economic recession: my worry

Last time, my work is like no more tomorrow. Now, NO work at all. Just doing some simple copy pasta program and documentation. My super boss gives verbal confirmation to make me permanent, but who knows, does it NO work is a sign? My worry.

Obama = Bush = usual US President

What words about from Obama  on Gaza? Nothing. Can Obama change this statement,

“Saddam, I give you chance to destroy your nuke or WMD weopon in bla bla time or I will attack you to seize control to protect the world.”


“Ehud Olmert, I give you chance to stop your army from killing Gazans in bla bla time or I will attack you to seize control to protect Gaza”

You not need to go to secondary school to answer  it right.

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