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February 7, 2009

The Born of Shah Alam Kemuning Highway

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Near my rent house, the construction of this highway is actively taking place. What is quizzing my head is the location of the daylight robbery toll booth. I suspect the location is right before Federal Highway.

That means all traffic must be passed through the toll booth. If my guess is right, folks from Seksyen 18 Shah Alam, if they want to go down to Federal Highway, they must take this new highway. I guess Seksyen 18 folks need to pay toll to get access to Federal Highway. The distance to the Federal Highway is only 600-700 metres.

Maybe 70-80 cents for 700 metres distance.

Why I want toll free highway.

Because the best thing in the life is FREE. How to make it free? Do you know Malaysian Government has awarded RM5 billion (RM5000 million) worth contract to the one shipmaker company to deliver ships to Malaysia?

That company FAILED to make it. Why? That company was not CAPABLE to deliver the ship. If government knew that company was not good enough, why government still awarding that contract to that company? Because of what? Because the owner is their friends, father in law, brother, sister, cousin  etc etc. That is named as CORRUPTION. Giver got money, acceptor got money.
Where that money went? You not need to go to secondary school to guess it right. It went to certain robbery individual pocket la.

This RM5 billion is worth of what?

One certainly Lebuhraya Damansara Puchong (LDP), one North Klang Valley Ekspressway (NKVE) or maybe one Federal Highway. Note that
this is only one corruption case. There are hundreds of corruptions out there worth hundreds billions RM!

It can be free highway, but we choose to pay it for our next three generations. So sad… Why people still use this ‘nk selesa kena bayar lh’ slogan?

This is not about Anwar liwatted  or C4 D Prime Minister party case. It is all about our right!
This is Bolehland dude, where you can find everything can be done.


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