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March 9, 2009

What t f of this science & math in english?

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Read HERE, interesting article.


March 6, 2009

Maths & Science teaching in english-why we should oppose

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6-7 years ago, this policy started thanks to brain of our former Prime Minister because he sees Malay student is weak in English that leads in difficulties to get a job after college days.

People reaction

Some people accepts it as brilliant move because “it greatly improve student’s proficiency” in English. Some quarter opposes it.

Exam results on this policy
Research shows more students were answering exams in english. Some not. They found improvement in Maths & Science. This policy looks “successful”.
But the reality is…

Exam results on this policy..does it reflect the truth?
85 marks is A…70 marks also can be A. 60 marks also can be A. It depends on how Menteri Pendidikan wants to save his water face. He can low the marks until “people can see this policy is successful”. We never know which level of marks of A, B, C or D.

Not fair environment for budak kampung to compete with budak bandar
Budak bandar have everything to improve their English. They will found they will able to talk English even they don’t learn! They have top class facilities and equipment. Internet is everywhere. Lots of people can talk  English to them. Easy material in English like newspapers, banners, shops, LRT, train can be found. All is in English.

Budak kampung?
Totally different. So so facilities. Some school no electricity and water pipe! No tuition. Lousy teacher. After school main parit only. No internet. No English newspaper. No people wants to talk English to them. How to improve? In my kampung, to buy The Star newspaper, I must make a booking a day before! Shah Alam is not same with Kampung Parit Baru or Ulu Tembeling.

It is like a boxing match with no hands to hit the opponent. It’s not fair.

Great  disadvantage for budak kampung
English is very important yes. Undoubtedly. But to built a solid foundation no need to teach in English. Maths is difficult. That is one thing. To understand English terms to understand Maths is another thing. When it goes to Science subject it will be worsen. It will make them lose interest in learning Maths. It’s pity to look boys on the age of 7 have no interest in learning math. Slowly budak kampung will be left behind..

Japanese & South Korean translated the English books from west to their mother tongue language and they are successful. Why we took another route when example is out there? English can be learnt later. Just improve an english subjects will solve the problem.

The best language is our mother tongue language.

Allah, please save budak kampung yg mcm aku dulu.

February 8, 2009

Pakatan Rakyat

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Patient for now

Please be patient dude. In Bolehland, wan can not do demo like one in UK or US whereby their police is in the interest of the rakyat. Can not blame the other side, after all, Pakatan Rakyat is the one who starts this frog issue. Plus they will take advantage from this incident to bash PR. Let it be, be patient for another 3 years. When that time arrived, we give them back kaw kaw.

They can win the government, but can not win the heart of rakyat.

Karpal & Hudud

Karpal, Malaysia needs two third vote from Lawmakers to make it happen. Are you seeing now that PAS Lawmakers is two third in the parliment? In PR, PAS MP will never fullfill two third majority.  Sick la you.

Hudud, Malaysia, Melayu and Islam

This law is applicable only for MUSLIM. Non-muslims no need to fear.

The sad thing is Melayu Islam themselves didn’t like to see HUDUD is applied in Malaysia. Then, make your own earth, your own oxygen if you won’t Hudud. Who permits your blood to flow from right ventricle to left ventricle?

February 7, 2009

The Born of Shah Alam Kemuning Highway

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Near my rent house, the construction of this highway is actively taking place. What is quizzing my head is the location of the daylight robbery toll booth. I suspect the location is right before Federal Highway.

That means all traffic must be passed through the toll booth. If my guess is right, folks from Seksyen 18 Shah Alam, if they want to go down to Federal Highway, they must take this new highway. I guess Seksyen 18 folks need to pay toll to get access to Federal Highway. The distance to the Federal Highway is only 600-700 metres.

Maybe 70-80 cents for 700 metres distance.

Why I want toll free highway.

Because the best thing in the life is FREE. How to make it free? Do you know Malaysian Government has awarded RM5 billion (RM5000 million) worth contract to the one shipmaker company to deliver ships to Malaysia?

That company FAILED to make it. Why? That company was not CAPABLE to deliver the ship. If government knew that company was not good enough, why government still awarding that contract to that company? Because of what? Because the owner is their friends, father in law, brother, sister, cousin  etc etc. That is named as CORRUPTION. Giver got money, acceptor got money.
Where that money went? You not need to go to secondary school to guess it right. It went to certain robbery individual pocket la.

This RM5 billion is worth of what?

One certainly Lebuhraya Damansara Puchong (LDP), one North Klang Valley Ekspressway (NKVE) or maybe one Federal Highway. Note that
this is only one corruption case. There are hundreds of corruptions out there worth hundreds billions RM!

It can be free highway, but we choose to pay it for our next three generations. So sad… Why people still use this ‘nk selesa kena bayar lh’ slogan?

This is not about Anwar liwatted  or C4 D Prime Minister party case. It is all about our right!
This is Bolehland dude, where you can find everything can be done.

Wrote something

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Economic recession: my worry

Last time, my work is like no more tomorrow. Now, NO work at all. Just doing some simple copy pasta program and documentation. My super boss gives verbal confirmation to make me permanent, but who knows, does it NO work is a sign? My worry.

Obama = Bush = usual US President

What words about from Obama  on Gaza? Nothing. Can Obama change this statement,

“Saddam, I give you chance to destroy your nuke or WMD weopon in bla bla time or I will attack you to seize control to protect the world.”


“Ehud Olmert, I give you chance to stop your army from killing Gazans in bla bla time or I will attack you to seize control to protect Gaza”

You not need to go to secondary school to answer  it right.

January 23, 2009

aku seorang pemodal

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approximately 6 billions human who don’t like war

and I’m the only one who wants war to happen

I hope everyday we have war

It is like israel v gaza or palestin

I hope they will have war forever

because they will use apache, machine gun or phosphorus bomb

to kill people

i don’t care if babies are burned to bone

i don’t care if old citizen, civilian or children are bulleted

i don’t care if the death toll number is 1330

even i don’t care if the death toll number is 13300000000 and counting

the important thing is to keep my bomb factory running

to make apache, machine gun or phosphorus bomb

iraq, afghan and possibility north korea or iran

and hoping the neighboring country will buy weapon from my company

and i make money

that is why i need war


because i’m  CAPITALIST!

January 4, 2009

logged off with teary eyes~~

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alhamdulillah, all praise go to Allah, thankful to my mother, father, family members, lecturers, friends..and whoever I didn’t mention here.

December 11, 2008

Barack Hussein Obama

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What about hoos and haas about the new-elect US president? People are banking and hoping on the new policy and his manifesto to be true.  Especially when Muslims hope the  soft approach towards muslims and muslim’s countries. Obama himself is a history as the first African American US president and having muslim name too!

But don’t expect too much. I think his ‘evilness’ policy towards Islamic countries will come. He is controlled by AIPAC (google plz). Without AIPAC permission, he won’t be US president. AIPAC too powerful. All congress-man need to get AIPAC approval.

More or less, Barack Hussein Obama’s policy would be same with previous US Presidents.

December 10, 2008

working like crazy

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First 2 years, you will struggle and struggling. That was said by Mr Bala, my MCAD instructor, if I work in the private sector. Yes, I admit it after experiencing myself. That is how I feel for now. How come at 7.15 am must go to work and at 1230 am only able to sleep. Plus Saturday and Sunday also need to work. Tired yes. Fear, anxiety, no eating appetite, cannot sleep at night because too much thinking on the job. Sometimes I feel that I want to quit because the superworkload. But I started to learn how to cope with all this, how to do the debugging, testing, programming, asking senior for getting my work done. Things’ getting better and better.

And culture here, no borak2, no long2 breakfast time and kinda feel like ‘big sin’ if i go back before my supervisor even the time is 7.00pm and i clocked in at 8.15am! What the hell. Cannot see evening sun lh~~~

I think if in this world has a fastest programming competition, my supervisor will win it. Because she does it like no more tomorrow.I need to be like her.

I make my money here. Allah permits.

November 22, 2008

Parting company with UiTM

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29th day of November would be my final farewell occasion to part with UiTM. That day is my degree’s convocation. Happy I will say.

Syukur to Allah for giving permission for me to complete this degree. Thanks for all which are associated with UiTM.

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