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February 14, 2009

Ade org ckp bosan blog aku asek tulis psl tol je.

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I don’t care. I will continue to make my reader pissed off.

Based on this article, if reliable, we all are FUCKED UP.

RM12 billions, if we can jimat this money in 3 months (RM12 billions x 3 months = RM36 billions ), we can fucking easily take over all highway concessionaires!

Tak rasa marah ke, my orang kampung, go to kedai, to buy 2 kilos of beras! Normally, it’s 5, 10 kilos per bag of beras if not satu guni and they are MELAYU. So sad..

If one Rumah Murah is priced at RM70K, we can built 171428 of Rumah Murah every month for FREE.

This is Bolehland.


October 25, 2008

i want to write something…

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Malaysia & fuel price..

[decent word]

The crude oil price is at USD61 per barrel and now Malaysia’s fuel price even not matched RM1.92/litre at USD 90-100 per barrel like before. Was Finance Minister has blind eyes and deaf ears? The fuel price can go down easily. Price per litre can go down until below RM1.92/litre at least, definitely and absolutely.  I don’t know how to calculate but my guts plus my thinking plus my brain felt that price per litre can go down below RM1.92.

[harsh word]

To increase so easy, to decrease so f****** hard! Where was your promise to increase/decrease fuel price on market price basis? Was government said we know nothing about economy? We all didn’t know nothing about economy yes. But even a form 1 schooler knows the petrol price should go down below RM1.92.

“Kenaikan harga petrol tidak akan menyebabkan kenaikan harga barang”. Quote from Malaysian Minister. Around the world, can we find more stupid  minister  than malaysia’s minister?, no.

Now even the petrol price was not matched RM1.92/litre, local daily tells that expect the goods’ price will go down. I don’t f****** believe.

oh, someone says to me,

“instead you moaning-moaning about fuel price, how about focusing in tackling country internal problems like inter-race relation problems..bla bla..” WTF?

“tak suka  ko keluar malaysia!” WTF?

“aku x suke politik. sape2 pn sm je” WTF?

There will be different. Corrupt politician will be super rich easily. Common citizen like me need to work hard to be rich. And easily too, my annual salary will be taxed to feed those politician cronies’ shit mouth. WTF?

March 12, 2008

Congratulation + the 12th GE n me (So called Barisan Rakyat@Alternatif oppositions hijacked 5 states)

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From pian, apparently, my artificial intelligence mates are selected to go to Infosys, India. Dian, lieya n anem. If it was true, then let me be the first to congratulate u all.

After today nye pizen, i just able to share my experience about the GE. i was going back to my kampung on the polling day. Try to look n enjoy how the polling was going on along the journey to balik sabak bernam. Some more at so called hot areas. Very interesting. At 7pm my house blackout lol..the only house in my kampung..lol lagi. Then some tnb guys came n restored the power.

Anxiously waiting the result..around 10pm my father came back n told me that samy velu (xtaunakeja) loses n nurul izzah wins over shahrizat.The giant killer.

I jumped at front of tv n seeing the result. And i was teleconferencing with my brother trough ym. What the heck that locals tv didn’t show results in states which oppositions were winning with simple majority. So biased.

kate nurul izzah mng..ni smpi pkl 2pg pn xkuar result..anxiously waiting.so hampeh la locals tv. Astro awani little bit open. Tv1 n tv3 can not blah la. How come my brother at london knows that selangor falls to opposition,but rtm shows it stil 2-2? Xkn la the most developed state in the country can be the most lembab vote counting? haiya locals tv..the power of internet. Some bloggers n website keep updating that time.

kelantan is not hijacked, some more selangor, kedah, perak n KL federal territory fell..old trafford (nice pompey)..barnsley also kehkehkeh.. The day where giants get killed.

what a shocked.


newly appointed lembah pantai assemblywoman nurul izzah (scarfed)…maybe shahrizat can’t lawan her opponent cun-ness n comel-ness..dats y la kalah.

March 9, 2008

need to refocus

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about the post GE, it is becoming interesting dude..but letak tepi dulu la. i need to focus on pizenting my progress. the greatest enemy right now.

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