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January 4, 2009

logged off with teary eyes~~

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alhamdulillah, all praise go to Allah, thankful to my mother, father, family members, lecturers, friends..and whoever I didn’t mention here.


May 26, 2008

Happy convocation!!

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today i got chance to see my buddies’ convocation. I should be convocated (this word needs citation) but for some reason occurs my day is delayed until november..ekeke. So i want to offer a big congratulation to u all on finishing ur degree with flying colors.furthermore, some of them already entered the industry n get good pay..can afford honda getz..hebat2. But still waiting the new metallic black myvi arrives..then i can tumpang n u can treat me mekdi..ekeke. Congratulations to:

  1. nani
  2. mista syaz
  3. dod
  4. fazari
  5. faiz
  6. epul
  7. ina
  8. fad
  9. zul
  10. et
  11. rest of open source exhibition
  12. tima
  13. rest of i-hack 07
  14. fahmi
  15. elis
  16. lan
  17. jes
  18. syahimi
  19. n for all either kamcing or not member who i cant remember

this some pics from my cap ayam cellphone

before eating for free

sharing the light moment…

my happy frens..

2 aweks flanking sylar (heroes drama series)

so what all of u could do for me after being a free cameraman for u all..if any lubang2 or chance in ur company juz calling2 me la..till next time.

May 19, 2008

freaking lazy to write

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  1. to attend first day of MCAD tomorrow. gudluck 4 myself again lol
  2. welcome to the world, my new niece, rafiq ar-rahman
  3. i went to kajang, saw the bandar mahkota cheras barricade issue place
  4. i felt ashamed with a former uitm student who lodged 2nd police report against selangor’s new gomen for not fulfillingĀ  theirsĀ  manifestos. Selangor gomen is giving RM1000 for families which income RM1500 instead giving RM1000 for all families which their son/daughter accepted to the IPT. Dude, give it chance la..baru 3 bln perintah.still 4 years for proving their manifestos. at least they give. Previous gomen? they give shit. That former uitm student was not representing my view me as uitm student also.
  5. tun M sudah igt. in inquiry time he cant remember things…ekeke
  6. he resigns from umno.interesting..ekeke

February 22, 2008

freaking hell ORACLE

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Today i went to ORACLE graduates bla bla talk..compulsory to all final part student..sampai xmuat DK1..after baik punya speech n huha huha…suddenly they told the requirement is the freaking hell 3.50 cgpa minimum..not even 3.00..i felt like be lied. Bekos with baik punye advertisement that attracts students to come (about 200 or more)..why they don’t awl2 put the req is min 3.50 on that ads? By doing that they can tapis student who do not need to come. Wasted time la..they need only super quality students..even toyol-aids-on-going-assessment student type also cannot achieve that cgpa. At least i got makan free n cap, also..knowledge la ckit2 psl oracle.

February 20, 2008

Cairex ’08 (Career n bla bla..) organised by HEA

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i went to cairex yesterday..guess what? I picked to be 1000th (ye la tu..ntah2 buat syarat nak balik je..around 4 pm) visitor of the day..siap tgkp gmbr spam dua by HEA staffs LOL. I got goodie bag..bla bla..dpt pc ke dpt proton saga ke myvi ke xpe la gak. Then Nani bumped (bkn nani manchester united or nani komputer sains) me..from serdang katenye..Cairex is good. Lots of company are participating it. Accenture, intel, RHB etc etc..many of them are offering lots of IT position n interview for positions, SAP trainee, IT system engineer..bla bla bla. The exhibition is lasting til thursday la..if im not mistaken..so 4 undergraduating students, this is chance to get interview without pegi diorg nye ofis. Bring ur CV n interview-type of appearance siap2. Venues are at DSB n budisiswa building. Bye

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