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April 12, 2008

moment of truth:make or break, die or alive, win or lose + experience + sufiah oh sufiah (part 2)

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Tomorrow is massive. After so much promising season, arsenal is facing the moment of truth. Manure’s form is hitting the wall now. And it is at Old Trafford. So tomorrow expects, the fiery, breathtaking football to offer. The stake is…arsenal wins, has brighter hope. If lose…virtually the title hopes is gone. Nothing i hope, but only win.

Yesterday i go to the CC to scan bla bla…but after bla bla..the CC assisstant even didn’t know how to ‘cut’ n ‘paste’ my file softcopies to my pendrive. i jump to her counter to help her. regarding this..she still in young age maybe..lacks of experience. it’s OK. Still remembered that in my early diploma that i even don’t know how to ‘drag n drop’ file to winamp..wakaka..so noob that time. But she is good. willing to learn..to earn money herself..definitely she will be super experienced people one day.

her teen time is robbed

maybe that was not normal for him. reportedly her parents pushed him to study study study..let sufiah grows with normal time. In the age of 13..is the time to play2, play playstation maybe, jalan2@lepak2 with her buddies. Again, child suffers because her parents’ ambition.


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