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June 28, 2008

I saw a topless breast

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pavylucengko on the big screen (taken when i was watching Euro 08)

yesterday..i went to a mamak restaurant at some area located at section 24 (above picture) for dinner n i noticed that the big screen was playing some dvd movies. I just arrived when the mamak’s boss switches to another movie. Starred by an Asian actor back to year 2000 i think. The movie starts and suddenly it shows some porn horror scene that i think approximately 15 seconds long. That scene starts with two girls dancing and kissing suddenly one from that girls touches another girl’s breast and ‘unlocking’ it for seconds. I can see the bare shape of topless breast on the big screen. Seeing with me 30 plus people and including a group of parents and their son and daughter right in front of that big screen. wth?

Sadis sungguh the atmosphere that time..shame la that mamak restaurant. Does some filtering will do before playing it in front of people. All people have so called social responsibilty. Budak2 in very green age already saw that scenery at the open air. Later went back n google-ing for more. Shame indeed for adult people. wat the *tepuk dahi*

imagine we wit our papa n our mama at mamak and watching that action movie and suddenly that scene occurs. our 11 years old brother or sister also saw it. adeh…..

Malaysia Islamic Boleh! everything can happen on our Bolehland..

*sorry for using harsh words. truth is bitter like shit

June 27, 2008

malaysia boleh! on bolehland

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“gambling is whatever betting activity between parties that either side will lose some (ezani, 2008)”

celcom 100 camry 100 days has been scrapped after bla bla it has some gambling factor decided by some religion authority. Celcom claims it is approved by gomen but decides to cancel it. What about the kind of the flooding SMS competition on the tv nowadays? Not gambling ke? Definitely, some people will lose and some people will make the freaking easy money. The famous Akademi Fantasia vote, does it gambling or not? Definitely some side will lose some money for the AF vote also. (surely some people will fire me for this).

Allah will pull so called ‘keberkatan’ in human’s life for involving in gambling (google please).

But Malaysia Boleh spirit can turn it around. You must acquire license to turn from ‘haram’ to ‘halal’ for this kind of gambling. Just get an approval from gomen and all will OK. All type of gambling we can find in this bolehland. So Malaysia Boleh!!!! on our bolehland. Malaysia boleh!

sin is sweet but truth is bitter like shit. Our real world.

*suke hati aku la ape aku nk post. blog aku..ekeke

June 24, 2008

be strong

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be strong my fren..

be strong..

period between graduation and employment is always difficult. be strong

June 20, 2008

roslan aziz vs PAS youth

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roslan aziz’s comments on bla bla bla sparks uneasiness among malaysian. Maybe he dares to counter because it is PAS Youth. How about if Mufti Perlis who was the one said it? If he dares to say the same thing, I think doomsday will happen in nearest time.

roslan aziz marah

after hundred comments from Malaysian muslims like..( source from his blog)

Apakah hukum jika kita “mempertahankan” bahkan “mempromosikan” seseorang yang beragama islam mendedahkan aurat kepada khalayak ramai?

Tahukah anda betapa azabnya seorang bapa di alam barzah kerana kejahilan, keiblisan, kemurtadan, kecelakaan, keegoan dan kebinatangan amalan si anak yang menyimpang dari landasan agama suci ISLAM?

Tahukah anda bahawa sebagai seorang PENGETUA AF tidak menjamin seseorang itu ke syurga, tetapi merupakan jawatan penting ahli parlimen neraka…?

Sedar dan insaflah wahai manusia yang lalai…

finally he retracts it back

read his blog here

my comment. masing2 dh besa kn? dh ade anak pun. lu pikir2 la sindriiiiiiiiiii….assalamualaikummmmm!!!

June 19, 2008

NGV or warranty

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as far as i know the NGV installation will violate car’s warranty. be patient for the new car owner.

June 17, 2008

sacrifice bootspace for NGV?

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myvi’s bootspace is fitted with NGV tank. Want 150KM per RM7.80 or sacrifice your bootspace?

June 15, 2008

Happy Wedding + timely time

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Happy Wedding to Miss Norzaidah, my FYP lecturer. May Allah bless this newly wed forever. (Always got her angry on me-for the greater good of me)

way to go!

June 14, 2008

Iryu Team Medical Dragon 1 & 2 + this was for real

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Asada Ryutaro, the super genius surgeon is invited to meishin hospital to perform batista surgery which is an extremely difficult operation. But he needs to counter the corruption in the meishin hospital too. In order to perform the batista, he needs a complete team who can catch with his speed and ability. A great2 jdorama..just like watching action movie. Every problem solves with unexpected occurence. Action till end. Series best. Other casts’ are woman who plays violin in nodame cantabile and teppei in dragon zakura. Thumbs up.

watch it here and here

this is for real, not PeopleSoft but SAP

June 11, 2008

why i angry..

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2 scenarios i pick:

  1. ur papa is going to buy a vios but needs to change to a smaller car becoz cannot afford the petrol price hikes and going for saga. later ur papa dies in an accident becoz saga has no airbag, ABS n low quality of safety. There has possibiltiy ur papa won’t die if he drives the vios. ur mama is dead also
  2. ur little cute young sisters recently scores 20As in her SPM and happily want to pursue in medecine. But her scholarship has been scrapped becoz gomen says no money.

but menteri besar terengganu is giving RM300 millions every year to manage a 5 DAYS monsoon cup on the poorest rakyat’s land in malaysia . no benefits to people at all. Enriching their crony only. We want to send the 2nd monkey to outer space. another millions will go to the drain. Then we want to buy that scrap soyuz metal. Everything is corrupt. There are thousands of corruption in our gomen. If gomen good enough in money management, things above won’t happen in my opinion.

those babi politicians are laughing at ur dead mama, ur dead papa and ur dented ambition sister

that money is belonged to rakyat@us

xmarah ke?

June 8, 2008

when i angry..

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babi punye kerajaan BN. xreti urus ekonomi. For BN voters if u moaning2 about the petrol price hikes, u r super duper babi. dh vote BN, moaning2 plak psl harga petrol naik. Just shut up ur silly pig mouth! BN voters..truly pigs!*

***that jobless UITM graduate who made a police report agaings Selangor state government is keeping mum on this issue? wonder if he has dares to make a police report againts who ever’s balls he is trying to lick…

*for BN voter moaner only..ekeke

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