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March 9, 2009

What t f of this science & math in english?

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Read HERE, interesting article.


March 6, 2009

Maths & Science teaching in english-why we should oppose

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6-7 years ago, this policy started thanks to brain of our former Prime Minister because he sees Malay student is weak in English that leads in difficulties to get a job after college days.

People reaction

Some people accepts it as brilliant move because “it greatly improve student’s proficiency” in English. Some quarter opposes it.

Exam results on this policy
Research shows more students were answering exams in english. Some not. They found improvement in Maths & Science. This policy looks “successful”.
But the reality is…

Exam results on this policy..does it reflect the truth?
85 marks is A…70 marks also can be A. 60 marks also can be A. It depends on how Menteri Pendidikan wants to save his water face. He can low the marks until “people can see this policy is successful”. We never know which level of marks of A, B, C or D.

Not fair environment for budak kampung to compete with budak bandar
Budak bandar have everything to improve their English. They will found they will able to talk English even they don’t learn! They have top class facilities and equipment. Internet is everywhere. Lots of people can talkĀ  English to them. Easy material in English like newspapers, banners, shops, LRT, train can be found. All is in English.

Budak kampung?
Totally different. So so facilities. Some school no electricity and water pipe! No tuition. Lousy teacher. After school main parit only. No internet. No English newspaper. No people wants to talk English to them. How to improve? In my kampung, to buy The Star newspaper, I must make a booking a day before! Shah Alam is not same with Kampung Parit Baru or Ulu Tembeling.

It is like a boxing match with no hands to hit the opponent. It’s not fair.

GreatĀ  disadvantage for budak kampung
English is very important yes. Undoubtedly. But to built a solid foundation no need to teach in English. Maths is difficult. That is one thing. To understand English terms to understand Maths is another thing. When it goes to Science subject it will be worsen. It will make them lose interest in learning Maths. It’s pity to look boys on the age of 7 have no interest in learning math. Slowly budak kampung will be left behind..

Japanese & South Korean translated the English books from west to their mother tongue language and they are successful. Why we took another route when example is out there? English can be learnt later. Just improve an english subjects will solve the problem.

The best language is our mother tongue language.

Allah, please save budak kampung yg mcm aku dulu.

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