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February 8, 2009

Pakatan Rakyat

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Patient for now

Please be patient dude. In Bolehland, wan can not do demo like one in UK or US whereby their police is in the interest of the rakyat. Can not blame the other side, after all, Pakatan Rakyat is the one who starts this frog issue. Plus they will take advantage from this incident to bash PR. Let it be, be patient for another 3 years. When that time arrived, we give them back kaw kaw.

They can win the government, but can not win the heart of rakyat.

Karpal & Hudud

Karpal, Malaysia needs two third vote from Lawmakers to make it happen. Are you seeing now that PAS Lawmakers is two third in the parliment? In PR, PAS MP will never fullfill two third majority.  Sick la you.

Hudud, Malaysia, Melayu and Islam

This law is applicable only for MUSLIM. Non-muslims no need to fear.

The sad thing is Melayu Islam themselves didn’t like to see HUDUD is applied in Malaysia. Then, make your own earth, your own oxygen if you won’t Hudud. Who permits your blood to flow from right ventricle to left ventricle?



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