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January 23, 2009

aku seorang pemodal

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approximately 6 billions human who don’t like war

and I’m the only one who wants war to happen

I hope everyday we have war

It is like israel v gaza or palestin

I hope they will have war forever

because they will use apache, machine gun or phosphorus bomb

to kill people

i don’t care if babies are burned to bone

i don’t care if old citizen, civilian or children are bulleted

i don’t care if the death toll number is 1330

even i don’t care if the death toll number is 13300000000 and counting

the important thing is to keep my bomb factory running

to make apache, machine gun or phosphorus bomb

iraq, afghan and possibility north korea or iran

and hoping the neighboring country will buy weapon from my company

and i make money

that is why i need war


because i’m  CAPITALIST!


January 4, 2009

logged off with teary eyes~~

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alhamdulillah, all praise go to Allah, thankful to my mother, father, family members, lecturers, friends..and whoever I didn’t mention here.

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